History, significance and evolution
YouTube is one of the world’s largest and most popular internet video distribution platforms. It is estimated that around 1 billion hours of video are viewed on the site every day and that every month, nearly 2 billion Internet users come to enjoy the videos posted on YouTube.

What an evolution since its creation in 2005!

YouTube has grown from an amateur video creation platform to a global social network that distributes original content for all tastes.

Today, YouTube has grown into one of the leading video distribution sites and many content creators make a decent living from their Youtube channel by selling Bermuda Email List ad space on the videos they create and upload.

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The logo of the American company is among the most recognizable in the world with its  red ” Play ” button  . But we also all remember the old logo with the name “  You  ” in black, and the word “  Tube  ” contained inside the famous red rectangle with rounded edges.

Before taking a closer look at the history of this logo and how it has evolved, let’s take a look in the rearview mirror to better understand how the company was born.

The beginnings of YouTube

YouTube was founded in 2005 on Valentine’s Day by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, all of whom were former PayPal employees.

The video platform, like so many other Silicon Valley startups, started out in a makeshift office inside a garage. According to the founders, the idea of ​​creating YouTube originated at a dinner party in San Francisco about a year earlier in 2004. The trio were frustrated with the difficulty, at the time, of finding and sharing clips. online video.

The very first video was released in May 2005 and is titled “Me at the Zoo”. It’s actually a homemade clip of Jawed Karim himself that shows footage from the San Diego Zoo.

In September 2005, only a few months after its launch, YouTube recorded for the first time a video with one million views. It was a Nike ad featuring Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, which went viral.

History and evolution of the YouTube logo

Creating a logo that lasts for a website is not easy. The first logo, created in 2005, lasted almost 6 years and it was simply made up of the name of the site written in an Alternate Gothic type font. The word “Tube” was placed inside a red rectangle with slightly rounded corners, and was meant to represent a television. It was some time later, moreover, in November 2006, that Google announced the acquisition of the YouTube brand for $ 1.65 billion in Google shares.

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