What guides any entrepreneur using a platform like YouTube to promote their brand, products or services in 2020 is efficiency.

This is mainly measured by the following performance indicator: return on investment.

Well, a recent study conducted by Ekimetrics, a French company with an international vocation, specializing in data analysis, showed that YouTube allows companies that use this platform dedicated to the publication and sharing of videos to generate incremental sales. , which can be estimated at more than 20 € for a single euro invested, in the field of online sales.

What do we mean by “incremental sales”? These are additional sales driven by marketing actions, such as advertising or promotion. This therefore directly concerns the work and efficiency of your marketing team.

But this study also shows that YouTube is effective for other industries, such as the automotive industry and telecommunications, among others.

The heart of efficiency

On a social network platform, is commitment. In 2020, French people aged between 25 and 50 spend an average of thirty minutes a day watching content on YouTube.

It’s that moment, those few minutes that people spend watching videos for fun, to have a good time, that brands should try to aim for, because it is conducive to Lebanon Phone Number List optimal engagement and allows for a significant number of views.

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And still in France, YouTube announces impressive figures for the start of the year: in March, for example, more than 40 million individuals viewed at least one video on the platform! And globally, YouTube reports more than 2 billion monthly visitors. This leaves you wondering …

We will see in this article the best solutions to reach your audience on YouTube and therefore make the most of your efforts in terms of budget and energy spent.

To get started, let’s take a look at YouTube Select, a new ad serving program launched by Google – the parent company of the video-sharing platform – just a few months ago.

Next, we’ll look at more organic methods that let you reap the rewards for its efforts on YouTube.

YouTube Select

In fact, this recent tool called YouTube Select is a kind of new version of the “Google Preferred” and “Prime Packs” solutions. It will give advertisers more flexibility and ease in reaching audiences that they cannot find anywhere else. And the American video sharing network adds that it is a “premium” solution.

First of all, at YouTube, we noticed that people who watched the platform used their television more and more. Thus, in the United States, the majority of “viewers” watch their favorite video channels on their TV screen.

So, thanks to YouTube Select, brands will be able to target their audiences.

According to YouTube Ads manager Vishal Sharma, YouTube Select will allow advertisers more flexibility to achieve their targets and goals, while having more certainty about their return on investment. The purpose of YouTube Select is to ensure that advertisers sponsor the right content, that which is popular with the target audience, while reducing financial risks as much as possible.

This tool will therefore give brands the opportunity to reach their audience with more precision, using all the platforms offered by the American firm: YouTube Music, YouTube Sport, or even YouTube Kids.

YouTube Select will work to consolidate content into what it calls “lineups”, which are tailor-made, and by market, for topics such as beauty and fashion, entertainment, technology, sports. , etc.

YouTube promises

YouTube promises that with this new tool, purchases of advertising space will be safe for interested businesses. Because these will have access to advanced controls of suitability with their brand, as well as the possibility of broadcasting only advertisements on videos classified by an algorithm and verified by the man according to the duration of viewing.

Since this advertising solution is relatively new, YouTube has yet to make a statement or take stock on the number of advertisers who have decided to use YouTube Select for their videos or on its eventual success. It is therefore a case to be followed.

Otherwise, if you don’t have the budget to run advertising campaigns with YouTube Ads and all their formats, luckily there are plenty of other ways you can improve your brand’s visibility and engagement and thereby , maximize your chances of selling your products or services.

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