Two wonderful examples of a company that uses priming in the field of marketing. Your product/service must be known Your product or service must already be known to a person before he/she purchases it. This is why so many people order from Amazon, Coolblue or Purely because it is known, you know that the service is optimal, there is no hassle if you want to return it and because they often appear in your field of view.

It has been shown that the sooner

Three priming examples that will boost your marketing Now that you know that priming might play an important role in your marketing efforts, I share 3 examples below. 1. Direct Attribute Priming In direct attribute priming, you ask direct questions to guide people’s thoughts. You do this by asking simple non-leading questions. If you often talk about Afghanistan Phone Number the memory of a computer in your text, there is a good chance that your readers will select the computer based on memory, instead of, for example, the processor speed. How do you apply this?

An example of priming in its purest form

Ask your visitor direct questions, both online and offline. (If you want to sell a computer based on memory, ask about memory, not speed.) Use bullet points with usp’s in your ad/website copy. Make good use of the right words in your headlines. 2. Indirect Attribute Priming Colors, like sounds, create emotions in people. By using the right colors you are priming people on, for example, your website. For example, red stands for passion, energy and confidence and yellow for hope, positivity and joy.

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