The increasingly digitalized daily life has for many years now been pushing companies to put in place strategies to attract Internet users and provide them with maximum value.

In this context, content creation is one of the most powerful and reliable levers. While for some producing articles and setting up an editorial calendar is child’s play, this is not the case for all companies and startups that regularly seek support solutions.

Youlovewords is a content creation agency that offers expertise and solutions for anyone with quality content needs.

Is this your case? Our article should interest you!

The Challenge of Content Creation

When we talk about content we immediately think of articles or blog posts which, carefully constructed around a keyword, bring a gain in terms of SEO optimization. If the creation of text content is indeed a very powerful lever for promoting a Spain Email List site’s presence in search results, it is obviously not the only content available.

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Textual content ranges from newsletters to social media publications, white papers and ebooks.

The formula: on the internet, content is king and more topical than ever. While we are seeing the growing attraction of Internet users and consumers for quality content, creative services are emerging all over the Internet.

The other type of content that is obviously very prevalent on the web is video. Democratized by platforms like YouTube, video is powerful and engaging content for audiences. A company that broadcasts relevant video messages such as advertisements or content directly related to its business will give itself the opportunity to capture the attention of these targets in a fun way.

Content is therefore all that you can see, read and hear while surfing the web, without internet content does not exist and the challenge for brands to produce it is vital.

The Youlovewords Support Solution

Now that you know how important it is to produce quality content, let’s take a look at the support offer offered by Youlovewords.

“YouLoveWords produces high added value content for the biggest brands”

1. Editorial strategy
The production of content does not make sense without having first built and programmed an editorial strategy worthy of the name. In order to be effective even content marketers need an editorial plan, especially if they create one regularly. An optimized content strategy helps businesses deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Youlovewords can therefore support you in setting up your strategy prior to creating your strategy with sound advice and techniques that work. Your competitors certainly have a strategy for capturing customers? You surround yourself with skills and experiences with a partner like the Youlovewords platform could be a decisive asset.

What is the mission of your company? Who is the target audience? What are the business goals?

This is an essential question to define in order to set up a reliable editorial strategy and boost your presence on the web!

Content Production

Obviously, the main mission of Youlovewords is to support you in the creation of content. For example, you can get written content like articles and blog posts, white papers, newsletters, or even social media posts. In order to fully meet today’s needs, these textual content can be accompanied by visual content such as photos, video, stop motion, cinemograph and creative content.

Of course, you can hire a freelancer to produce your content, but you should know that there are a lot of writers on the web and few professionals. The French language is complex and obtaining quality content will be a real investment for your business.

You can find all the prices for content creation on the web, while Youlovewords has chosen to produce premium content of high quality and high added value. That’s good, only relevant content will allow your customers to carry out the actions you expect to give you the opportunity to achieve your goals.

Content optimization
Why produce content if you don’t measure the results of your strategies? Youlovewords produces content and gives you access to editorial reports in order to better manage your actions.

Optimization involves several levers such as the editorial optimization of your natural referencing (SEO) , help in the construction and ethnization of your strategy on the media and social networks.

If you are about to send a newsletter to your customer base, Youlovewords is able to verify that your content and optimize and give you tips to hit the mark!

Likewise, when you decide to set up expensive digital advertising campaigns ( Google ads , Facebook ads ) the words you choose will be of crucial importance for the success of your operation and to obtain a positive return on investment.

Finally, Youlovewords can highlight your content with partnerships with influential bloggers, influencers, youtubers in order to reach your customers.

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