So top of mind. It is important that you trigger a positive experience with the person in question. Think for a moment about the story of the lion or partner. You trigger this feeling by using priming. Priming simply lets people think what you want them to think. In my view, that goes perfectly with storytelling. Includes text, images, sounds and color. Something that you may already be applying unconsciously, but you can now use consciously and more effectively. Top of mind through a strong story Priming is therefore extremely important (from the very first moment) to get a prominent place in the brain of your target group.

E-commerce in 2022:

Bestselling author Cor Hospes describes it this way: “Do not tell what you make, but what you make possible.”. If you want to learn how to give your organization a recognizable face and how to tell stories that really fit your brand DNA, the handy Algeria Phone Number Content Marketing & Storytelling Training might be something for you. View the training What are the trends in e-commerce to watch out for next year? From the focus on personnel, to social commerce and an efficient technology stack I share what’s going on every year. Ready for a deep dive?

Focus on business objectives

What a year! When I wrote my now traditional trend article on ecommerce last year, I didn’t expect 2021 to be an even crazier ecommerce year. A year in which record after record was broken at least in the first quarter. New on Frankwatching Personalize your employee journey in 7 steps 11:00 IKEA inhakers & 5 other examples of extraordinary content marketing 08:00 This is how you use customer data as part of a first-party data strategy ma Measuring = knowing: this is how you make your brand top of mind ma 15 extremely good contact pages you should have on your own website ma Due to the pandemic, we started ordering more and more online.

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