Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach current customers, reminding them of who you are, what. You have to offer and how you add value to their lives, even when they aren’t making a purchase. As with. Every other area of your business, tracking success is critical to improving as you go. Use the following. Metrics to assess the success and health of your email marketing efforts. Benchmark your data and work to. Improve month-over-month until you have it down to a perfectly executed science. Metric: unique opens. “this is the number of people who opened your email once—it doesn’t count duplicate opens. ”this is the. Purest form of open rate data, allowing you to get a clear picture of how many people opened the email. Whether they did anything after opening it or not.

What Does This Number Tell You? It Provides Insight on Two

Specific areas: how enticing your subject line is. Your subject line tells the subscriber what to expect in your. Email—if it isn’t enticing, they India Phone Number won’t open the email. How engaged and interested people are with your. Brand. If you send too many emails, or not enough, this rate may be low because people aren’t connected. With your brand in this format (versus social media or direct marketing, for example). If you send too many.3 the opposite is true, and they may be sick of seeing messages from your brand. Once you’ve benchmarked. Your unique open rate or total unique opens with your own.

Historical Data or Industry Averages You Can Begin Improving.

Here are a few tips for boosting unique open rate: express exclusivity or time sensitivity in the subject line. This makes subscribers think they might miss out on something, which drives them to open. Use numbers in. The subject line, which we are more attracted to because numbers are easier to process. Personalize the. Subject lined based on geography (our favorite new spot in san diego!) or name (we have an awesome. Deal for you, paige!). You can do this using merge tags in your email client.

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