What does the future look like? What exactly Google plans to do with the application in the future is not yet clear. What we do know is that Google finds it increasingly important to be able to show the relevant content to visitors. That both in the search engine and in Google Discover.

What is Google Discover?

We also know that Google is always getting smarter with the help of AI. We already saw that in the Google MUM update . It is therefore very important that you provide Qatar Phone Number relevant and interesting content, without misleading people with a title or photo. In any case, it’s something to keep an eye on. Content is (and remains) king Start with the basics!

Google Discover is a news feed from Google

Would you like to appear in Google Discover? Then it is important that you create and display relevant and qualitative content. Could you use some help with this? Then the Getting Started with Content Marketing Training might be something for you. View the training here.

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