However, Once these tasks are done. It’s tempting to think that a writer’s job is done.However,

All Egypt Phone Numbers that remains is to upload the fruit of your effort to an online sales platform (it can be amazon. Smashwords or lektu). The sad reality is that this is the first big mistake that writers make when selling their books on the internet and it is not the only one. Do you want to know the others?

When the first month’s sales numbers come in. It’s normal to feel upset or disappointed. The book hasn’t sold as well as you’d hoped. Suddenly. All dreams of becoming a best seller are gone.

What happened? What has failed

Marketing and promotion is a huge pain point for writers .
I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the phrase: “I’m a writer. Not a salesperson.” however. Although promotion is usually one of the big problems. It is not the only one: lack of preparation. Poorly finished books. Incorrect prices… There are many problems that writers ignore and that ultimately directly affect sales.
If you want to sell books on the internet. You are interested in knowing the main mistakes we make when doing it. Don’t you think?
So read on and take note.

Let go of the idea that an independent book doesn’t cost money. It does . Or at least. It does when the result is good. If you want a good product. You have to invest in it. There is no turning back.
Don’t hesitate to spend money on everything you need: proofreaders. Editors. Layout artists. Cover designers or a promotion team. You do not need to invest money in everything. Only in what you cannot do for yourself.
4. Seo is for blogs

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Hashtags and keywords are tags that will lead people to your book . These terms will get more readers to discover you. And not only on your blog. Similarly,  But also on social networks and in the kindle store. Similarly, 

A common mistake when selling books online is to forget that amazon also has seo . Similarly,  And not only in terms of description and labels.Similarly,  But also in terms of images and even in the synopsis or the summary of the back cover of your book; everything should contain the correct search terms to take advantage of the algorithm.
Again. Research the best-selling books in your genre. Note the words they use in their descriptions and on the back covers.
If you can get an idea of the words that readers are using to find those books. Then you can work with them to improve your texts. You can also use those words for your texts on social networks.

A very c on the internet is to forget about the real world. Similarly,  That your book is published on the internet does not mean that you should not take advantage of the opportunities offered by local businesses of a lifetime .

Until you find the wall where

Even if you’ve thought about doing a digital-only release.However,
You can take advantage of your local bookstore to put on a presentation . Since you won’t have physical books. Take the opportunity to read the first chapter. Show your future readers what you’re capable of and hook them.
Also don’t forget the local newspapers and media. Everyone is proud of their countrymen and many newspapers don’t have much to fill their culture pages with. Don’t forget to create a press kit for your book launch and send it out to all the local media.
7. Think only of one market and one language
Spanish is already the second language in the world. The most normal thing is that we stay in the spanish market. Since it is quite large.Sir aDate: 24-07-2022  It does not require any extra effort. However. How many opportunities are you missing? Millions.
Many best sellers had to leave their country to be. For example. However,
North american authors who did not sell anything in the usa. Became best sellers in europe or asia.
Try to think big. We live in a globalized market. Why not be part of that globalization? Again it’s time to investigate. Do you know of any case of someone who has been translated or who publishes in other markets? Study their formats and. If you can. Start preparing your material to be translated.

S always, the best way to do this is by using your writer’s blog and mailing list. Social networks are also good tools to generate a bit of hype.  Similarly,

Create a writing blog about your book on social media. Use ig stories to tell things about the process. Inform your readers about your progress, about the launch date and about the available distribution channels. No one will buy your book if they don’t know you published it.

review. Similarly,  Be careful with sending the copies in any way and be very careful with the way you contact; don’t go in with a knife, be nice and behave like a professional.


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