Where the youth were not allowd to come to Haren to party? Perhaps not the most convenient approach, because in this way the municipality encourage Reactance, Social Proof and Fear Of Missing Out. All the more reason to go to Haren anyway, even if you didn’t intend to. 

Guard the potatoes!

Also in France, reverse psychology was later usd by a pharmacist, who had become a fan of the potato in Germany.

Inspired by Frederick the Great, the pharmacist had a large potato garden planted in France, which he had guardd by arme men. This spectacle causd quite a stir among the people.

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The pharmacist instructed his guards to go home at Australia Accountant Email Lists night, leaving the potato garden unguarde. In addition, she was told that they could take any form of bribe. Curiosity and reverse psychology also won in France and the beepers were soon on the table.

Patagonia – don’t buy this jacket

Even in the present time we are still sensitive to things we are not allowd to do. A good example is the Patagonia brand. In 2011, they placd a large advertisement in a newspaper during the Black Friday weekend with the text: Don’t buy this jacket.

That stood out of course, because other brands mainly shoute that you had to buy something. But that’s not the style of Patagonia, which is committd to making the world cleaner, more beautiful and more sustainable.

Reactance from the public was the result (consciously or unconsciously) and sales of the brand increasd. I don’t know exactly whether that is a good or a bad outcome in their case, because they actually advocate that people buy less new clothes.

The founder himself says about this: “I know it sounds crazy, but every time I’ve made a decision that’s best for the planet, I’ve made money.” – Yvon Chouinard

The brand also recently revoltd when a VVD member wore a jacket of the brand on an election poster. Patagonia again received a lot of attention from major media and I suspect that was another great contribution to their visibility and possibly even to sales.

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