Try thinking back to the last time you saw a beautiful object in a shop in town or tasted a craft beer at a brewery near your home. A few minutes later, you made a post about it on Instagram and even tweeted. In fact, you have done word-of-mouth or word-of-mouth marketing in English. It is an organic way of disseminating information. It uses components of viral marketing, but it spreads naturally and outside of any type of advertising campaigns.

What Is Word-Of-Mouth Exactly?

Word of mouth marketing is a type of marketing action initiated by a business with the aim of motivating people to spontaneously discuss their products, services or brands. It is also a strong personal action since the one who recommends your product puts part of their credibility in the balance.

It is therefore a free form of Denmark Email List advertising or promotion that is shared by the public and customers. Word-of-mouth can be triggered by an event experienced by the customer, who feels greater satisfaction and pleasure than expected.

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Here are some statistics regarding the effectiveness of this type of marketing:

Over 80% of consumers are influenced by their friends’ social media posts
A thousand customers can generate around 500,000 conversations about a brand or product
Over 92% of people give credit to referrals made by loved ones
72% of people trust online comments and reviews as much as recommendations from friends

How Is Word-Of-Mouth Different from “referral Marketing”?

The WOMM is above all the creation of buzz, whatever the type of business or the product marketed: whether you are a veterinary clinic, an e-commerce store, or whether you sell English courses in line. The more you interact with people, the more likely your business or brand name is to spread. It makes a lot of sense to compare word of mouth advertising with the snowball effect. For example, you start with an interesting little post on Facebook. This message is appealing to your friends and they are spreading the word themselves. Before you know it, you’ve probably reached hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Unlike WOM Marketing, “referral marketing” is a type of marketing that focuses on targeting a specific category of person. It aims to encourage them to sponsor their friends. In fact, “referral marketing” is a segment of word of mouth marketing. But it focuses on targeting a more specific type of person. It is a more proactive way of generating business where you have to control the referral process and follow the conversion process. Referral marketing software is also provided for this purpose.

Why Is Word of Mouth Marketing so Important?

With the exponential growth of communication accompanied by online media, word of mouth, a kind of viral and spontaneous speech, becomes even more shared, commented on and even evaluated by many people at the same time. We are talking about millions of people in a few minutes.

Word of mouth marketing can be summed up in one word: trust. People trust others and the various consumer experiences they know and experience. Which means that when they hear about a product or a brand through a friend or a consumer, they are more predisposed to acquire that product.

Consumers trust their friends – that’s just why word of mouth marketing is the most valuable source of marketing. Because Word-of-mouth doesn’t end with the first interaction. As we said, the snowball effect results in one person after another, and so on.

Word of mouth marketing is therefore proving to be a good way for a business to promote a product or service. Statistics on this type of marketing have proven that people trust friends and family more than advertisements. According to a recent American study, more than 90% of consumers believe more in suggestions from friends and family than in advertising content. This clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of Word-of-mouth.

How Reviews and Comments Influence Word of Mouth Marketing

There are plenty of ways to boost your word of mouth marketing, including using reviews and comments from happy customers. A positive customer experience is likely to make people speak well. When people are ready to speak openly about your product, your online reputation increases and the channels through which information flows also tend to grow. Everything is interconnected and we can even say that all opinions lead to word of mouth!

How to do word of mouth marketing?
Connect with consumers rather than wanting to pile them up on social media. You can have millions of social media followers and have little real influence. To really do this type of marketing effectively on networks, the secret is to be active on your campaigns and to try to enter into a personal relationship with your followers. It sounds like relationship marketing. The more your “fans” are passionate about your personality, your publications, or your products, the more they are able to share and relay your words. The transmission of information by word of mouth is extremely powerful in the goal of influencing individuals and reaches customers that they might not otherwise have been possible to reach.

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of things that are easy to put in place to increase your word of mouth. With the right strategy, you can establish a constant flow of referrals and create a repeatable process.

But the Word of mouth for a brand doesn’t have to come from a referral program. There are a lot of categories of channels to consider, such as marketing programs with partner companies, programs in collaboration with influencers, and also reviews.

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