If that’s enough, then you’re a winner.’ About that product. It is always the conservatives among us who expect Coca-Cola to only show how good those bubbles taste. That Volvo is just telling us how well their automobilium is put together to transport you. And possibly your family, but that must consist of your wife. Because in a car advertisement the man is of course. Addressed and your son and daughter.

Socially responsible

Apparently Coca-Cola wanted to make the world sing as early as 1971. Also that IKEA disrupted the traditional face in 1994 by putting two men at a kitchen table (preceded by Amev in 1992 with all kinds of “deviant” forms of cohabitation). But with the Bolivia Phone Number disappearance of geographic boundaries as well as any moral-and-ethical filter with the rise of social media, everyone has an opinion.

Woketober: Doritos

hate posts

So originality is often lacking. Citizens? Cartoonist Stonetoss ran a four-panel comic in 2018 in which a man presents an ad for a hamburger company depicting a kiss between people of different races ( diversity: check! ). The manager wonders if the ad will help sell burgers. The closing image says “Citizens?

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