Least original of all. Perhaps this is where we test the creativity of advertisers. Source:2/ but, as alluded to at the beginning of this article, the importance is not creativity, it is the ability we have to draw the attention of the public. We need to sell a product and increase our Latvia Phone Number chances of possible sales. This is where we wink at subliminal advertising (the advertising stimulus is not consciously perceived). This type of advertising is usually quite sexist, but it exists on a daily basis and in most cases we are not aware of the clear phallic allusions: source: mas-cola-que-nunca.html the emotions: this type of

This is where we wink at

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advertising tries in some way to capture our attention by sensitizing us, either through a brief story or a shocking image, with some event (usually tragic). You have to be very careful, because, depending on who the advertiser is, it can be misused. Source:  many times, emotions can also be used to sell “happiness” in the form of a restaurant menu. Do you want to be happy? Eat with us. Coincidentally, this type of advertising is mainly used in fast food restaurants: source: unhappy-about-it in this particular example, perspective plays a very important role, as the size of the product is perceived to be larger than it actually is.

It is usually a very original

Visual effects or trompe l’oeil: very popular in big cities: buses become mobile billboards . It is usually a very original and effective type of advertising due to the strong call to attention to passers-by. Source: deformed composition that recovers its logical shape from a certain angle) is another widely used tool for creating a three-dimensional effect on one or two different planes: source: tools widely used in the advertising world remain in our inkwell: the use of anglicisms, decontextualizing elements, “the forbidden”, forced perspectives…

Without a doubt, the task of the publicist is very complex but exciting. It involves acquiring a good visual training. Are you passionate about this world? Form up! We can offer youas we all know, new technologies have. Made companies or organizations adapt to the new environment that arises. For this reason, it is necessary for companies to have a website with excellent web usability , as a means of

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