If so, should it be a live stream, studio talk, or completely different kind of online event? Or is the smart combination of physical and online the holy grail? What is the best choice for you depends on many different factors. Physical, online or hybrid? There are organizations that aim for a full house of people sometime this year, preferably without measures.

Hybrid events

Although this is not without risk, you may have to make major adjustments, move, go (partially) online or even cancel, it could just all go by the book. Nobody can Vietnam Phone Number predict the future. At a time when there are few competing physical events and many people crave real-life encounters, it pays to keep this option open. Organizing a so-called ‘coronaproof’

By choosing online

Physical event seems to be the safer choice, but it is also not without its drawbacks. After all, you incur a lot of costs for what it may yield you. An online or hybrid event may be a much smarter idea. Online events From great alternative to necessary evil. We can’t stop talking about online events. In any case, by choosing online you, as an organizer, opt for safe and accessible.

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