Online sellers are always looking for new and exciting ways to reach potential buyers. High-quality graphics and video ads, for example, are a great way to let the public know about the specific products you have. It is for this reason that Amazon has created its own platform, called DSP (Demand Side Platform). 

We will see in this article how DSP works, and if it is a suitable solution for your business? 

What exactly is Amazon Demand Side Platform?

First of all, we must explain what a Demand Side platform consists of. It is software that allows an advertiser to find and buy ad placements on many platforms, all over the internet. This can include display adds ads on a popular news website, or video ads in a mobile app. There are actually countless possibilities.

Amazon’s DSP differentiates itself from other DSPs by using its vast wealth of customer data to help advertisers – whether selling on Amazon or not – reach qualified Russia Phone Number List customers through video and display ads.


Best of all, the process used by Amazon’s platform is programmatic, which means that with DSP, Amazon’s algorithm automatically selects and bids on the best ad spaces (on and off Amazon) that match your budget and your target audience. Because the process is automatic, and because the algorithm is always learning from Amazon customer behavior, its targeting will only get smarter and more precise the more you use it.

One of the big advantages of this tool is that it is not intended solely for advertising on Amazon or on other sites owned and operated by Amazon, such as IMBD . Amazon’s DSP allows you to advertise all over the web. And it’s definitely the best way to access ad space on Amazon-owned products like Kindle or Fire TV. If you want to reach an audience present in these markets, Amazon DSP is a suitable vehicle.

Who is Amazon DSP for and can you benefit from it?

Anyone who wants to advertise on Amazon and the rest of the web is welcome to use Amazon DSP. Although this is an Amazon-owned platform, it is not just for Amazon sellers. So no matter what platform you are selling from, Amazon DSP can be used by any online business. But then, what distinguishes Amazon DPS from other advertising solutions present on the Internet, and on the other platforms of the giants Google and Facebook?

To answer this crucial question, let’s take a closer look at how Amazon DSP works. 

Amazon DSP and ad targeting

The main benefit of Amazon DSP is that it can use Amazon’s mine of data about customer behaviors to target ads. And in all fairness, there aren’t many companies that have a sum of data comparable to that compiled by the e-commerce giant over the past two decades. By leveraging the power of its data and insight into its customers, Amazon DSP offers six targeting options:

– Behavioral targeting: It targets customers who by their behavior have shown interest in products or brands close to what you market, for example by browsing a site similar to yours during the last 30 days.

– Contextual targeting: It displays relevant ads in real time when Internet users browse the web.

– “Lifestyle” targeting: It displays relevant advertisements for people who usually buy in a certain category, such as sports equipment, or computers, for example.

– Remarketing: It kind of “re-engages” customers who have already interacted with your brand or your products.

– The “Audience Lookalike” method: Its objective is to target customers who share similarities with your current customers.

– The Advertiser Audience / audience of advertisers: It uses information relating to a brand’s data, such as data from CRM, email hashing lists, or web pages with a tracking pixel.

With all of these targeting options and the sheer amount of detail and information that Amazon data provides, you’re bound to find customers for your brand quickly and get results in your marketing efforts.

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