When people hear the word “consulting”, they often think of a large Anglo-Saxon firm advising companies on their strategy.

They also believe that being a consultant involves having degrees and certifications from prestigious universities and working in fancy offices with thousands of impeccably dressed staff. But this is not the reality. The real image of consulting is much more modern. In this article, we’ll explain what consulting is and we’ll give you some examples of consulting firms in Paris.

What Is Consulting?

Consulting consists of giving expert advice to people working in a specific field of activity. The definition is that simple.

So what is a consultant? A consultant is a person who has a certain level of expertise in a particular field and entrepreneurs are willing to pay the consultant to access that expertise. There is no need for a mention on for large companies, diplomas or certifications. If you can provide expert advice to a specific group of people, you can be a French Polynesia Email List consultant. And there is a lot of money in the board.

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Why do people buy advice?
They want to change something, achieve something, achieve something, or become something, and they need help.

People turn to consulting firms because they want to get from point A to point B in their business, but they don’t know how to get there. They are either lost, or faced with obstacles which they do not know how to overcome or with knowledge which they have not acquired. That’s what consulting is about helping people solve problems and achieve a goal. And the more valuable the desired goal is to someone, the more they are willing to pay for help.

For example, if an SME owner in France earns € 60,000 per year and their goal is € 150,000 per year, then achieving their goal represents a value of € 90,000. So he’s probably willing to pay € 10k and € 20k and maybe even more to get there.

Why Call on A Consulting Firm in Paris?

The most common reason for a business to hire a consulting firm is to obtain information on its market, the state of competition, to obtain feasibility surveys or cost studies.

The company may want the expertise of a consultant, as obtaining its information on its own would be too expensive and non-qualitative, or it may not be able to spare the time and resources necessary to develop the data by itself. internal.

Consultants may also be called upon when there are difficult issues to resolve. For example, a customer might want to know whether to manufacture or buy a component, acquire or dispose of a line of business, or change a marketing strategy .

Management can ask consultants for strategy advice on how to restructure the organization and to be able to adapt more easily to changes in its market. The consulting firm can also provide information on the financial policies to be adopted or the most practical solution for a problem of remuneration, morale, efficiency, internal communication, management control or succession, etc.

There Are Three Main Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Decide to Use a Consulting Firm:

They are simply unable to achieve the desired goal

They all have a great idea and they want to get the result faster
They want to save time and effort by following an efficient and proven system
1. They can’t do it alone.
The company has already gone to great lengths to achieve its goals, but it is simply not succeeding. She sees other competitors performing well in the market.

The consulting firm then becomes a solution to fill this gap which blocks commercial development.

2. They want to get there faster.
Entrepreneurs when starting their first business often want to get things done as quickly as possible. This is where they will make mistakes and do things inefficiently, slowing their progress and increasing the time it takes to achieve goals.

With the help of a consulting firm, the entrepreneur will benefit from good strategy advice in order to successfully overcome the stages much more quickly.

3. They want a proven system to achieve their goal.
Some people just don’t have the time to experiment with a strategy. They want results and they want them now, this is where a consulting firm comes in. With an important client history and experience, consultants or consulting firms are reassuring, because the strategy they propose has already been proven.

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