Since the arrival of smartphones and other technological advances, consumer purchasing behavior has evolved. Companies can no longer confine themselves to implementing traditional marketing. New acquisition levers such as web marketing must be an integral part of an acquisition strategy. It is also called digital marketing, e-marketing, internet marketing or web marketing. But whatever the name, the stakes remain the same and every modern entrepreneur should know that.

Junto knows very well that web marketing is unfortunately still unknown to far too many companies. This is why we explain everything to you in this article.

What Is Web Marketing?

Web marketing is the best way to market your business on the internet. It’s a modern take on traditional marketing. The goal is to increase its online visibility and its number of customers. Web advertising can be done on any digital medium, namely: Christmas Island Email List social networks , search engines , blogs, online videos as well as emails.

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Web-marketing is the most innovative way to get a message to reach a large number of people in seconds. The scope of a digital marketing operation can be decisive for a company, especially if it knows how to use tools like Facebook Ads or Google Ads .

Why is web marketing important?
Web marketing has become essential in the internet landscape. Here’s why you need to use it for your business in 2020.

Increase the visibility of your business
The power of the internet has completely changed the way we communicate with consumers. In this context, each company must take these new tools into account. From a showcase website to an online store, the tools available can no longer be ignored, even for a small SME.

Being active on social networks and adopting SEO techniques are a good starting point when you want to set up a digital strategy. In the panoply of web marketing options available, paid search is also a powerful lever to attract prospects and make your brand known.

Interact with Your Customers and Prospects in Real Time

Setting up a web marketing strategy will allow you to interact with your customers and prospects. This proximity will give you the opportunity to respond to their concerns and to be able to convince them to buy your products. This is why traditional marketing is now of limited interest, because creating contact forms on your website is much more efficient than giving out a flyer in the street.

Creating content and a good inbound marketing strategy will also allow you to meet their needs and gain their trust. While talking to customers allows you to better understand their tastes and expectations, they will also be happy to know that you are listening and that you attach importance to them.

Perform performance analysis
During a traditional marketing campaign, it can be difficult to know if it has been effective. Customers visit your business out of curiosity, through word of mouth, or after browsing magazines or seeing advertising posters. All this is difficult to quantify.

With web marketing, it is possible to know, in real time, whether a campaign has had the desired result. Online tools like Google Analytics can help you assess the effectiveness of your campaign. With an online advertisement, you can see the click-through rate, the number of views, or even read and respond to comments left.

Stand out From the Competition

Web marketing is also a good way to stand out against the competition. Online, it is easy to do market research and find the keywords on which to position yourself against your competitors in order to get ahead.

An excellent mastery of keywords will allow you to gain traffic to your site and collect new customers. Being present online is a way for each company to demonstrate its dynamism and its reactivity in the face of the competition.

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