You are no longer active on your website and you cannot update it? Are you struggling to plan to post articles on your blog and on social media?

This is a sign that you need an editorial calendar. But what is it exactly? What are the advantages? How to create one? We tell you more in this article.

Editorial Calendar: What Is It?

The editorial calendar, also called publication calendar or editorial planning, is a content planning tool. This tool is popular with bloggers, writers and businesses. It helps to control the publication of content on websites, social media or magazines. Controlling New Caledonia Email List content posting can be useful in keeping topics that will interest advertisers and readers in the long term.

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An editorial calendar is an editorial schedule. And as such, it allows you to plan (over 12 months ideally) the different articles and content to be published. It is therefore a question of consistency in your editorial line.

The editors of Vogue and Time, for example, have understood this well. The latter do not hesitate to make their editorial calendar public. This marketing strategy creates suspense and drives readers to come over and see what is new in content. The calendar is also a good information tool for an editorial team (editor, content integrator, editorial webmaster, etc.).

Why Is an Editorial Calendar Important?

Good editorial management is essential to better rank your site on Google. And if this content strategy allows you to have more traffic, know that there are excellent tools to achieve this result. Among them, the editorial calendar. However, it was revealed that 72% of marketers with a well-crafted content strategy do not integrate this tool into their work environment, only 30% do. However, the editorial calendar has many advantages. It allows to :

Easily organize your content
Do you need to publish a significant amount of content and at a steady pace? An editorial calendar will be of great help to you. Using this tool helps organize your content better. Whether it’s for your blog, for social media, for email marketing campaigns, or anything related to editorial influence like sponsored articles, it’s best to develop a viable content strategy. And this will only be possible through a publication schedule. Using this planning tool will make it easier to achieve your business and marketing goals.

No more procrastination
With the editorial calendar, we don’t put anything off until tomorrow. We know what needs to be done on a day-to-day basis and we do it. If you are used to procrastinating, then you will definitely get rid of your old demons with the help of this working tool. This is the best way to store lots of topics for long-term, timely mining. This planning will allow you to kill stress, laziness, and even blank page syndrome. Without pressure, you will be able to meet the previously established schedule.

Organize Work Among Several Authors

If your blog is run by multiple authors you will need an editorial calendar. It is an essential tool for organizing work. Indeed, it will give you an overview of the tasks performed on your website or blog. Now you will know which editor is responsible for publishing which article. But also, you will know when an article has been published. Thanks to the regularly updated editorial calendar, you can specify the deadline for your publications, which will be useful for a better editorial line.

Arouse curiosity and engage readers
Above, we took the case of the blogs Vogue and Time whose editors publish the editorial calendar regularly. This planning helps to arouse the curiosity of readers, but also prompts them to visit the blog constantly in order to consult the published topics. It is always a good idea to publish this schedule, especially if you have many innovative products, services or features to promote.

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