Today, as a marketer, you have many possibilities to build awareness of a brand. Some of these options involve paying to advertise the business on different platforms like Google or Facebook. Others involve promoting your brand through a marketing channel that you have complete control over. A final technique is to get people interested in and promoting your business for you.

“Earned, Owned , Paid Media”: these are the three digital marketing techniques that will allow you to have maximum exposure in the media. These three categories of advertising are part of a whole, but marketers are more likely to focus on what is free: Earned Media. It is the latter that we will see in more detail in this article.

Paid media, Owned media, Earned Media (POEM): but what does that mean?
Before going into the details of Earned, it is important to understand the poem (paid owned earned media) model and the differences between these three types of advertising marketing.

Paid Media

To put it simply, it’s paid advertising: TV ads, pricing, postings, sponsored publications and paid ads on the internet (search engines and social networks). This type of advertising is quite expensive and requires some recurrence to convert prospects.

Owned Media
Marketers use this type of advertising using channels that they control and have full ownership of. The own media can be your website, UAE Email List marketing emails, social media pages, and your own magazines or catalogs.

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Earned Media
It is when your brand gets talked about in the media through third parties who are not paid. Shares or recommendations, studies show this strategy is the most reliable form of advertising to effectively gain customers.

How Earned Media works
Now that you know the difference between these three types of marketing, let’s see some examples to illustrate how Earned Media works.

Blogger or famous person talks about your products
As a result of your marketing efforts, it may happen that a well-known blogger ends up liking your brand so much that they decide to write a post about it and without financial compensation. It can also be a review or presentation produced in a video. The impact for you will be significant and you will easily be able to gain new customers in addition to the positive impact on your brand image.

The best-known example is that of Oprah Winfrey who had praised the merits of Seb’s “Actifry” oil-free fryer. Results: the group’s action takes off on the stock market (+ 4.88%) with more than 140 million market capitalization gained and customers are flocking.

Shares on Social Networks

When you post content on the internet related to your business, it can quickly create a buzz and go viral . All the “likes”, “shares” or comments will become your marketing tools and your subscribers your promoters. All will be ready to promote your content to their friends or families and without any compensation. It is the most effective way to establish your reputation on the internet.

The press
Earned Media can also be done in traditional media. Each time a journalist mentions your brand in a newspaper, magazine, on television or on the radio, it allows you to have immediate visibility with consumers and without paying anything. This type of advertising is one of the most reliable for consumers.

Ranking at the top of Google’s search results is a great way to market your business and sell your products. Consumers give some credit to corporate websites that appear on the first page of search engines.

Why do Earned Media?
One of the main reasons is that it allows consumers to gain significant confidence. Paying for advertising anyone can do it. But getting recommended by your own clients is complicated. Over 70% of consumers trust the recommendations they receive from their family or friends.

But people also trust the opinions of online influencers, such as reviews posted on specialist sites. No one goes headlong into a restaurant before reading a few reviews on Tripadvisor or buying a brand without researching social media.

Another reason for using Earned Media is that it allows a higher conversion rate. According to the AdAge site, Earned Media allows conversion rates above 5%, unlike Paid Media which generally have conversion rates below 1%.

The Earned Media Problem

But is all this really quantifiable? Marketing professionals know that on free marketing it is difficult to assess return on investment.

Earned Media Value (EMV)
The EMV is a method for calculating the importance of branded content acquired through marketing or public relations efforts, which is not paid media and not owned media.

But despite the powerful effects and scope of earned media, many marketers avoid giving EMV too much credibility.

This is because no standard is defined and the measure of EMV differs for each brand, depending on the objectives of the campaign, the type of content or the communication channels. The target audience is often overlooked. Brands often focus on metrics, such as social following and engagement, rather than brand resonance. Without access to a niche audience through influence relationships, engagement simply becomes fleeting social noise without conversion.

Control of Your Brand

Unlike paid, owned media, the biggest downside to earned is that your brand has no control over other media. When you post content on a website or social media, you don’t have control over what is said about your brand. At the slightest marketing mistake, you can reap tons of reviews from unhappy customers, tarnishing your brand image.

One way to ensure that your business always receives positive reviews is therefore to focus on managing and controlling the marketing content that you deliver through owned and paid media.

How to get Earned Media for your business?
The visibility that we obtain with this strategy is not the result of chance. Your brand must have communication and marketing campaigns to deserve it. These campaigns can take many forms and typically involve leveraging the Paid and Owned media owned by your business in some way.

Here are some examples of how you can get Earned Media:

Make natural referencing
SEO is constantly evolving because search engine algorithms are updated frequently. Thus, you must optimize your business site in order to find yourself at the top of the organic search results.

Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing pays off. But, one of your goals should be to get shares from bloggers with a lot of subscribers. Partner with influencers who are very engaged. Find and engage with those who care about what your business is doing. This will help generate even more interest in your business.

Create quality content
We can’t say it enough, but focus on producing quality marketing content that people will want to share. This can mean writing blog posts or creating informative videos that people can share on social media.

Work on your influence
Today, it is no longer enough to send press releases, it is also necessary to write emails, messages and know how to get in touch with journalists to get their attention. A good earned media tool in this area and the Twitter user that will allow you to communicate effectively and get in touch with your audience if necessary.

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