If you can answer these questions correctly, you will benefit greatly from making your final choice. Because of course it is very important that customers can be properly served by the software. For example, if you choose a learning management system, you have to pay attention to how people get access and what they have to do to log in. But also how they can monitor their progress and whether you want to be able to email them or send notifications in between.

Define all the features

But also the tone of voice and of course the strategy of the company, is also very important.Therefore, first map out the customer journey separately from the software . Which steps are part of the customer journey Ukraine Phone Number and which touchpoints are there? The customer’s expectations at the moment.

Who can gain access at what level

Rank or rate

If you have defined this well, you can translate the needs and wishes of the customer into features of a software package.Now look at the input you have collected from users and customers. Translate their needs into the different features you need. This works very easily if you make a list of this in a spreadsheet or Excel where you clearly name the features. Work out each feature in more detail, what do you mean exactly and what are the conditions? Then group the features into different parts. Look at:

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