You’ve just launched an online store and you’re not sure where to start to promote your products. Social media marketing is one of the first steps in marketing your brand and products in e-commerce.

Pinterest Marketing for Ecommerce

One of the most important social media marketing platforms for doing business online in 2021 is Pinterest. While it’s not as popular a social medium as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or even Snapchat, Pinterest has undeniable potential if you market a certain type of product and target a specific audience. 

So, to understand how to best use Pinterest with your e-commerce, you must first analyze data and statistics that will give you some essential information: who are the users of Pinterest? Are they more women or men? How old are they on average? What are they looking for on the platform etc.  

This is exactly what we will see in the rest of this article, so that you can optimize your Pinterest marketing strategy in 2021.

Let’s start with some general statistics.

Pinterest overview  

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media in fashion, and currently has 478 million monthly active users (sources: Pinterest, 2021).

Even if this number remains modest compared to the number of active Facebook users (2.8 billion active users each month), Pinterest is Japan WhatsApp Number List showing its way, with impressive growth that has not escaped the marketing experts of the entire planet.

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The mark of 400 million monthly active users was crossed less than a year ago, in the second quarter of 2020, when the platform peaked at 416 million users. This means that in just three quarters, Pinterest managed to grow its active user base by 19%. Even more impressive, the figures for the first quarter of 2021 show a 30% increase over 2020, again regarding the number of active users.

Which countries have the most active users?

Of course, the United States has the largest number of fans, with over 100 million users. Nice surprise, France comes in 3 rd  position, with around 12 million, only outclassed by Germany (17M), but ahead of the United Kingdom (10M).

Pinterest demographics 

One of the main Pinterest statistics that must be taken into account for your online business is the male / female distribution of platform users.

Statistics from the American social network show that the platform is mainly used by women, with almost twice as many female users as male users. Specifically, seven out of ten Pinterest users worldwide are women.

Women also tend to pin more content, and this higher rate may be due to women feeling more emotionally connected to the platform and often using it for suction and motivation. They also make more purchases.

On the other hand, it seems that men have a less emotional connection to Pinterest, and they tend to use the platform in a more practical way, much like a visual bookmark.

However, the trend is changing, and it is possible that in the future, the numbers just mentioned will not be so accentuated.

Because more and more men have registered on the platform in recent years. And in 2020, the number of male “Pinners” increased by 40% compared to 2019.

Then, it is essential to know the distribution of all users by age group.

The majority of active “Pinners” belong to the 40-year-old category.

35% of Pinterest users are between 35 and 49, that’s Generation X.

34% of Pinterest users are between 18 and 35, that’s millennials.

Even if Generation Z – the youngest – remains in the minority, their number is constantly increasing. Moreover, Pinterest had indicated last year that it was generations Z and Y who carried the growth of the social network.

So, the image of the “platform for moms” (80% of American mothers who use the internet are on Pinterest) has taken off and is a thing of the past, because there are now many different profiles there. 

What are Pinterest users doing on the platform?

In addition to understanding the demographics of Pinterest, it is also essential for your future marketing strategy to know the motivations of its users when they come to the social network.

The latest statistics produced by Pinterest show that, unsurprisingly, the number one reason people use Pinterest is to find inspiration and ideas for decorating and designing their homes. The following themes concern fashion, clothing and beauty.

In third place, we find health and fitness. Finally, themes such as ideas for trips, weddings, parties and events also attract many Internet users to the platform.

So, if you’re looking to build brand awareness for your e-commerce brand, look no further: four in ten Pinterest users say they use the social media platform to research brands and their products.

Given that it has 478 million monthly active users, we’re talking over 190 million people that you could market your brand to on Pinterest.

Especially since Pinterest does everything to encourage companies to advertise on its platform. There is a dedicated page with tips for companies looking to market their products on the US platform. 

What kind of content are Pinterest users pinning? 

There are over 200 billion Pins saved on Pinterest in 2020, which averages around 500 Pins per “Pinner”.

With numbers like these, it’s clear that you’ll need a good Pinterest marketing tactic to make your Pins stand out from the crowd.

Of those 200 billion pins, two-thirds are brand or product related, while cooking recipe pins represent the figure of 1.7 billion. 

99% of Pins on Pinterest contain an image or photo. This is hardly surprising, given the visual nature of the platform, which has built its success on images. On the other hand, the video format did not break through on the social network. 

So, if you’re still not convinced that you should start marketing your products on Pinterest, here’s another statistic that should give you pause: 82% of weekly active Pinterest users say they bought products based on content from brand on the platform. That’s eight out of ten Pinterest users! In addition, it turns out that the majority of Pinners use the platform to discover products. In fact, more than three in four Pinners (77%) say they discovered a new brand or product while browsing Pinterest.

Pinterest is also more than two billion text searches performed each month, 85% of which are done from mobile devices, and advertising revenues that exceeded one billion dollars at the end of 2020.

So it doesn’t matter if you sell conventional items like clothing and crafts or unique niche products that don’t yet exist in the market: Pinterest is a platform for product and idea discovery, with no less than 98% of Pinners say they’ve tried products they first discovered on Pinterest. In other words, just about any Pinterest user is ready to try new products.

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