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What is your favorite December campaign?

View the training For years, scoring the best Christmas commercial has been a real battle between supermarket chains. But other brands are also making an attempt to become a public favorite around the holidays. The real Christmas fans can indulge Poland Phone Number themselves during the commercial breaks on TV. To take stock, I’ve made a list of the December campaigns that stand out and impress. Or have a high tear-jerker level.

The December campaigns

Tastes differ, but this is my personal top 5 best December campaigns of 2021. 5. big announcement of new Christmas sweater Nice and cozy, such a Christmas sweater of 19 by 13 meters., shirt sponsor of PSV, gave the facade of the NH Hotel in Eindhoven a new look (or a new sweater) to announce the design of the sixth edition of the PSV Christmas sweater in a big way. The size of the jersey, 19 by 13 meters, is a reference to the founding year of the Eindhoven football club.

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