More and more advertisers are activating their own (first party) data to run campaigns. In fact, combined with publisher data, this is a lot more valuable than any third party data provider. By using customer matching based on hashed email addresses. But also offline data such as telephone numbers or address information. Audiences can be created at the larger platforms and publishers.

Opportunities for agencies and publishers

You can also actively roll out a data strategy that is aimed. At collecting more relevant data from consumers if necessary. This can be done, for example, in collaboration with a research. Party such as Kantar, GfK or Ipsos. A great case of Vodafone/Ziggo and Ipsos – ‘Humanizing Cyprus Phone Number Data. Opportunities for agencies and publishers In addition, there are great opportunities for agencies and publishers to play a greater role in matching advertiser datasets.

You are therefore no longer

This allows advertisers to see which customers they can reach through which channels, exclude existing customers and/or target look-a-likes. And of course publishers can also – just like Google and Facebook – infer interests, intentions and other behaviors on the basis of search, reading, listening and viewing behavior on their platforms.

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