With today’s advancements in voice. Search technology, it’s now possible for anyone to have. An assistant respond to those commands. For them, and even do so politely. All you need is the right device. Or app: siri, google home, amazon echo, apple. Homepod, microsoft cortana and more are becoming. Increasingly popular in homes around the world. As devices become smarter and more personal, search habits. Are becoming more vocal. Comscore even. Predicts that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches. And it’s not just early tech-savvy. Users getting into voice search.

The Spring 2018 Smart Audio Report From

Npr and edison research found that. Among users, there are the same number. Of majority early and late adopters. Smart speakers are becoming. The preferred devices for listening to second-only. Audio B2B Email List on smartphones and tablets, with 18%. Of people over the age of 18 in the us now owning at least one. Since voice-driven searches impact how people. Discover and buy products, how should marketers. Adjust their content strategy and seo. Efforts to best align with behaviors? Users ? Adding unbranded informative. Content hey, google. How to fix. A broken faucet? Consider the mindset and expectations of the researcher.

Often They Are on the Go or Multitasking

B2B Email List

Looking for information to do something. Right or answer a general question. Most digital assistants are best used for basic functions and utilities. Such as playing music, calling a friend, or knowing the weather. According to the smart audio. Spring 2018 report, the third most popular category of controls. Answers a general question. This is where content marketing comes in. Digital assistants are primarily. Used during the discovery phase of the buyer’s journey, but often don’t make. A final purchase via voice command.

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