As designers, especially those who need to design digital products such as APPs and web pages for the public, we must create something that users can understand naturally, with a UI interface and user experience that people Switzerland Phone Number can clearly understand and self-explanatory. The ultimate goal of the design. Even if it is a new product, when designing, it is necessary to come up with a “familiar” mode that users can perceive to ensure that users will not feel disconnected, confused and confused during use.

In this context. Many designers worry about a very practical question: Will my design not be novel enough, or will it lack breakthroughs?

However, asking this question at this time may not have asked the right question. Because what really drives UI design should be the routines or rules we often say, and the deeper things are actually the user’s thinking mode and mental model.

For example.

You may need to design a dashboard interface for managing teaching for university teachers. This dashboard interface needs to present some basic functions, such as Switzerland Phone Number allowing teachers to upload courses, course materials. Schedule exams, and publish exam results for students. They can interact with students through the entire dashboard, and they can post and receive assignments and check assignments. Under this requirement setting, next, we may need to consider the UI and UX design of the entire dashboard from the perspective of teachers.


In this case, we need to think about some issues. When teachers teach students, they have a clear understanding of the curriculum, the arrangement of each unit of study. And even the periodic testing. In their brains, for each textbook and the knowledge points that need to be taught, they have a clear memory in their own brains, which can be listed in a list, which Switzerland Phone Number can be managed and taught to students. In this way, everything seems to be very clear, and if the designer does enough homework, he can quickly polish up an easy-to-use dashboard interface that college teachers love.

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However, in this way, designers will ignore another aspect of this matter, that is, students.


The teacher is the master of the entire dashboard of the course management system. And the students also learn the course through it. When students face a course, they do not have a clear understanding of the whole course like their teachers. And do not have a complete concept. They don’t have the teacher’s mindset, or a completely different mental model. When they face the course, they may have more scattered questions:

What did we learn yesterday?it now, you will find that the UI

If the wheel works, why reinvent it? After copying, fine-tune it to suit your needs.

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This of course doesn’t mean that we’re limited, or that we lose our creativity in the creative process. Exploring Switzerland Phone Number the user’s thinking mode is a way to give you a deeper insight into the nature of design requirements. It can even make you more creative, break some conventional boundaries, and help you better solve users’ problems.

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