This is a clear example of a sellers market where low supply and high demand meet. But the prices are still not absurdly high. Resell: the market Seconds after the raffles are over, the shoes appear on platforms such as Marktplaats and Vinted and on social media. A pair of sneakers bought in retail for. Is immediately offered for €260+. Reselling is experienced with mixed feelings within the community.

Resell platforms

On the other hand it offers the possibility to still. Although the purpose of reselling is generally quite clear. Collecting sneakers is an expensive hobby. Because the regular salary is usually Oman Phone Number spent on basic necessities plus a vacation from time to time, a financial bonus can bring the collection costs back into balance.

sales figures.

Opposite this are the 17-year-old ‘professional’ resellers who purely for the money try to score as many hyped pairs as possible. They often do not shy away from using bots for an unfair advantage in draws. Resell platforms Screenshot of an app group about sneakers. ‘In-it-for-the-money’ resellers Source: Screenshot from app group GruppoBigFeet45+. The resell market has developed to a professional level.

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