In the fiercely competitive CRM market , customer relationship management is a top priority for sales teams. To be operational, companies often use sophisticated software called CRM or “Customers Relation Management”. These software are often expensive and complicated to learn. Fortunately, many technology companies are trying to make customer relationship management as easy and innovative as possible, making them very comprehensive, intuitive and above all affordable. This is the case with Zoho CRM.

What is Zoho CRM?

Affordable and stylish in design, Zoho CRM is customer relationship management software for small businesses. This is because Zoho CRM enables a company’s sales team to manage customers, automate sales and leverage marketing levers. It is considered by many professionals to be one of the best CRMs on the market today. This SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution looks very simple and feels like a mundane CRM. Still, this one comes with a surprising Latvia Email Address of features and customization options for demanding businesses on a budget.

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Zoho CRM is used by thousands of businesses around the world. Available in multiple languages, Zoho CRM has gained popularity with small businesses in France. In this context, a version of Zoho France (in French) is now available to the delight of our SMEs.

The features of Zoho CRM:

Multichannel sales management
Zoho CRM makes it possible to connect with customers and prospects in real time, across all possible marketing channels. So the sales team can respond to customers no matter what platforms they are using. For example, you can contact customers by phone inside the CRM with a single click. In addition, users have the option of initiating a live chat with a customer (Chat), while visiting the company’s website.

Zozo CRM allows customers, suppliers and partners to access past purchases, records and invoices through “portals” to help them make informed decisions.

Zoho CRM can also connect to social media to bring the sales team closer to consumers and to capture more leads.

As for SalesSignals, one of the features of CRM, it is a system that concentrates all the notifications received in one place and which makes it possible to respond to customers and prospects in real time, regardless of the channels they used to communicate. with the sales team.

Ai, Performance and Analytics

Companies are currently faced with gigantic customer data. ( Big DATA ) For companies, this data holds valuable information to increase sales performance. This is how the Zoho CRM team provided the solution with an artificial intelligence function called Zia. It allows to know the purchasing habits of its customers, to predict trends, anomalies, conversions. Users can call or chat with Zia to ask for key information about cases, reports, to add new data in Zoho CRM, etc.

Personalization, process management, sales automation, etc.
Zoho allows customization of the standard modules of its software. Companies can also add additional functionality so that they can work the way they want.

They can customize views, filters, and fields to decide how much data they want to see at any given time in their preferred language.

For example, the CRM transaction view is a Kanban board showing a summary of transactions, segmented and prioritized according to their progress. Blueprint is a tool that helps build and automate sales processes, while ensuring compliance of sales team actions at every stage.

The customer relationship management (CRM) system also has an approval process, workflow rules, macros, and assignment rules.

Other features include pipeline management, team collaboration tools, marketing automation. It integrates with many third party applications available in the market. Security features allow companies to protect their customers’ data while giving employees the right to access their respective jobs.

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