You’ve just made the decision to start your own website, it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your business. You can use all-in-one creative sites like or, but these services quickly reach their limits when it comes to creating professional sites. It will therefore be necessary for you to take charge of the creation yourself. But, the mistake would be to go for it without preparation and build your site any way you want.

The key to any website creation starts with a sitemap: we speak of a tree structure. You will understand why. A good tree structure for your website? We must not only know why to do it, but also how, that is the subject of this article.

What Is the Tree Structure of A Website?

A website is no longer an accumulation of pages where we find the data of a company as in the 90s. It is a complex architecture where everything has its place and which aims to deliver information in a logical in order to make a Norfolk Island Email List website navigable by Internet users.

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The tree structure of a site is the framework on which we add the content, that is to say the different elements that visitors will have to consult. It’s just like the human body: the skeleton is the framework that supports muscles and organs. If you understand the concept, you must surely have understood its usefulness.

Why do you need to have a good site tree?
No step should be overlooked in a process when it comes to marketing and especially e-marketing. It does not matter if the design of your site is successful, if the plan of your site is not thought out, it will be felt on your conversion rate. Indeed, achieving the structure of its site makes it easier for your visitors to navigate and therefore to find the information they are looking for more easily. In other words, the better the user experience, the more you will convert.

The purpose of a tree structure is to anticipate the journey of your visitors from one page to another like a guide would, with the only difference that you will not be there to show them the way to follow once they will be engaged. To be a good guide, there are steps to follow.

How to Build the Tree Structure of Your Website?

The first thing you are already certain of is the content of your site and the main theme. But what you don’t know is what Internet users are looking for on your site: information, a product or buy a service? This is the question you need to answer and that is the purpose of your tree structure. Whoever visits your site needs to feel like you know what you’re talking about and that the content you offer will meet their needs. This will be felt all the more according to the way in which you organize the essential information in your architecture which will have to be simple and dynamic.

The design of your tree structure
The first step to get started is a sheet and a pen. It is absolutely necessary that you put in black and white what you want as a site, as a structure and as a navigation experience. You have to think and draw the complete structure of your website. Nothing can speed up this task at this time, because it depends on you.

But there are still some software that make it easier for you to set up your structure. To organize your ideas at the start, mindmapping software like Gloomaps or MindMeister are quite effective. You can also draw a page mockup of your website with web mockup creation software like Balsamiq or However, for the creation of sites, Excel and Power Point remain the most used.

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