The creation of a website has become essential if you want to attract more customers. If your website is well referenced, it will attract many visitors. In this context, the creation of a “squeeze page” or a landing page is then an excellent way to convert your leads into customers . Discover the details in the lines that follow.

Landing Page: What Is It?

The landing page , better known in France as a landing page or even a squeeze page, refers to a page created for a purpose and with specific objectives and often integrated as part of a marketing campaign. Internet users who land on this page first click on a link or on an advertisement broadcast on different media. When the visitor arrives on a landing page, he can choose either to perform an action or to leave the page. The action in Ethiopia Email List question usually involves filling out a contact form.

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For digital marketers, this is a technique that allows the contact information of certain visitors to be collected. You should know that not all visitors agree to provide their information. Those who agree to take this step are inbound leads. Thus, the creation of a “landing page” can initially aim to generate leads.

In digital marketing, we can consider that there is conversion when a visitor agrees to provide his contact information in the form that is offered to him through the landing page.

Note that the main purpose of creating a landing page is to collect contact information. Thus, it must be initiated by a call-to-action button and accompanied by a short description or an argument for what the visitor will receive in return for his information. Among the gifts offered to those who provide their data through a landing page, may include a free guide or ebook, an application, registration for an online conference, a free trial of SaaS software or the obtaining a discount coupon.

How to Create a “squeeze Page”?

If you want to create a good landing page for your marketing campaign, there are a number of steps you need to follow.

But first of all, note that each landing page and more specifically the “squeeze page” is unique, but the purpose of its creation is the generation of leads or clicks. If you want to create a landing page worthy of the name, start by defining your goal as well as the action you want your visitors to take. Also define the offer you are making and its interest for your targets. Make sure the time is right to make your offer and that your visitors will have no trouble taking the action you are offering. Keep in mind that a landing page should be as simple as possible and that you should get straight to the point with the reformulation.

To create your “squeeze page”, you must meet specific criteria for both form and content.

The form :
For the form, we should find in your landing page:

A title that presents the offer
A summary of the offer
A good quality visual
A form dedicated to conversion
Customer reviews or testimonials
If any of these items are missing, your “Squeeze page” may not be qualitative.

The bottom :
In order for your squeeze page to perfectly meet your expectations, you must also take care of the bottom. Here is some information that you must include in your “squeeze page” to allow you to reach your goals.

The Key Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition

Before you go any further in creating a squeeze page, you need to determine a good selling point.

To get there, identify your strengths compared to your competitors, determine the value of the offer you offer and specify the results you expect from the creation of a landing page. Once you have successfully determined your key selling point, you need to include it in the title and subhead of your page. Also highlight the benefits to be enjoyed with your offer and don’t forget to include customer testimonials to better encourage conversion.

Le call to action
When creating a squeeze page, creating a call to action is essential. You will then have a better chance of converting simple visitors into qualified leads. A single call to action is enough for a landing page since the main objective is unique and should in the majority of cases be the generation of leads.

For your squeeze page to be effective, choose the action you want your visitors to take and then create the “call to action” button. Be concise, precise and convincing and you will find that your targets will be more motivated to take the action you ask for. As for the form, do not ask for too much information at the risk of discouraging some of your targets.

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