After creating impactful content, distributing it is a crucial step for its success.

Distribution is all about using broadcast media, such as Paid, Owned, and Earned Media to amplify the reach of your content. It is part of the marketing distribution strategy to promote and amplify your content through online or offline channels.

Owned Media are defined as all the communication channels over which a brand has total control. Content distribution platforms that a business can use as it pleases include websites, blogs, email marketing, forums, and also social media.

In this article, we are going to take a look at this concept and we are going to see how you can create a communication process for your business. We will also analyze five best practices to maximize the success of your strategy.

The Digital Communication Strategy in A Company.

Companies that exploit this type of strategy use the POEM model which stands for Paid , Owned, and Earned Media. This model represents the various ways in which a company exploits content in the media. This one is designed to drive brand awareness, distribute content, engage prospects, and guide them through the sales funnel.

Paid Media attracts attention, while Earned Media builds authority. Although Paid media and Earned Media are high impact types of media, a business must also rely on its own media channels to support their Tuvalu Email List marketing efforts on these two media.

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What is Owned Media?
Owned Media are the main distribution channels for your content and they serve as a guide to the POEM model. Since you have full control over your delivery media, you have the freedom to change your content strategy and manage the publication schedule based on your resource availability.

Also, Owned Media adopt the attraction marketing strategy (to increase product demand), unlike Paid Media. Rather than persuading the audience to act before providing any value to them, Owned Media first delivers the value, in the form of content, and allows the audience to take action when only they want it. The success of the strategy applied on Owned Media can create a domino effect on the POEM model. If you consistently produce compelling content for your website, at the same time you can have the results of an Earned Media strategy in different formats such as interviews, guest posts, podcast invitations, columns. exclusive in newspapers, magazines, etc.

What Are Your Possibilities to Advertise Through Owned Media?

Setting up your own distribution channels requires investments and technological efforts for brands. The choice of channels to use strongly depends on the target audience, but also on the industry in which the company operates.

Here are some channels you can tap into:
1- Website, blog, or application
Your website, blog and app are the main media that are totally yours.

They are essential in the following perspectives:

To establish a brand image and communicate with the target audience.
They may be the first avenue where your content will be published.
To be used as a point of contact with the press, disseminate important information about your structure, its products as well as its sector of activity.
To provide relevant information with high added value for your audience.
2- Email marketing
A well-defined emailing strategy can help you promote new content, updates to your product catalog, exclusive email offers, and more. directly from your subscribers. Email marketing is something you have full control over that speaks to your audience by calling them to take concrete action or improving brand recall.

3- Forums
Although forums have lost their importance somewhat with the advent of social media, they are still as effective as building communities. By developing its own forum, a company can distribute content to its community in the form of Owned Media.

Presence in The Media

A brand must effectively use social media to create and share content. This results in the creation of profiles, official pages, groups on various social platforms.

Although social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are used to post own content, they are not considered to be an integral part of Owned Media.

Indeed, a brand can have control over the contents of its pages and its groups, however these actions are governed by the rules and conditions of service of the platforms. Therefore, social media are considered Shared Media and the term PESO (Paid media, Earned, shared, and Owned) is used to refer to these different types of media.

Here are five steps to develop a coherent approach in your Own Media communication
Step 1: Planning
Before planning and executing your editorial strategy, you must first go through the pre-planning phase. It is in this step that you must define your objectives, analyze the competition, and do the research of your target audience.

Defining your end goals is important to assess your needs in terms of budgets, the type of content you need to deliver. Researching your target audience and studying your competitor’s strategies are also essential in determining what type of content to create and how you will deliver it.

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