Does your company have a website that promotes your activities and you want to reach targets from several countries? Creating a multilingual SEO optimized site will make it easier for you to reach your goals.

However, be aware that to reference a multilingual site, you cannot proceed in the same way as with a classic site. The adoption of certain techniques is necessary in order to avoid that some of your pages are not deindexed or even so that Google does not consider that your site consists of duplicate content. SEO optimization strategies in multiple languages ​​form what is called multilingual SEO. Focus on the concept.

Multilingual SEO What Is It?

Multilingual SEO refers to a method of organic SEO whose objective is to optimize the structure of a site or its content for different languages ​​within search engines like Google. When we approach the concept of SEO in several languages, we imply a good knowledge of the most used search engines depending on the country, to name only Google for Europe, Yandex for Russia or even Baidu for China. . This SEO strategy must also take into account Yemen Email List countries that speak the same language, but in different dialects.

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Why properly reference a multilingual site?

If you decide to set up a multilingual site, it is because you are probably targeting customers all over the world. Thus, you should not neglect the SEO part and more particularly multilingual SEO. No need to remind you how advantageous a multilingual site is in the context of e-commerce . Consumers who browse a site in their native languages ​​will be more easily convinced by your products and / or services that you offer. It is important to know that more than 70% of Internet users who visit websites choose the version written in their language. More than 50% of potential customers consider more the language used by the site rather than the prices at which you offer the products. Statistics also revealed that over 40% of consumers only buy from sites written in their own language. For all these reasons, you will benefit from creating a multilingual site and boosting its visibility through SEO.

How to Boost the Visibility of A Multilingual Site?

If you want your targets spread across the four corners of the world to be interested in your site and then decide to consume your product or service, you have to work on the SEO part. To do this, the implementation of an SEO strategy on several languages ​​is essential. Here are some steps you need to go through in order to achieve your goals:

Optimize your website so that it allows you to target international customers
Thanks to multilingual SEO optimization, your message will pass better to your targets and you will be able to claim a rapid development of your activities abroad. This SEO strategy is not just about translating the content of the site in a raw way. The specifics of each language are considered so that the message is as effective as possible. A more professional translation will allow you to make a difference in both user experience and search engine optimization.

The implementation of a multilingual SEO strategy begins with the research of relevant words in order to better target Internet users. The keywords used for the French version of your site will not be the same as for the other versions. Trying to translate keywords doesn’t get good results either.

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