Lead marketing, also frequently referred to as “lead generation marketing,” is the process of stimulating the interest of potential customers and then converting them into buyers. This process is usually done through different online marketing channels.

Marketing has changed a lot over the past two decades, with the rapid development of digital media, and today’s customers are now looking for as much information as possible online about companies and products that may be of interest to them. before taking the first step towards a seller or a contact on the website of the target brand.

The vast majority of consumers in 2020 use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and also many media and social Qatar Phone Number List networks such as Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to obtain useful information on the products or services of the brand that interests them.

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The goal of lead marketing is to communicate with potential customers based on their stage in the buying cycle, then meet their expectations based on their needs at each stage.

The ultimate goal of lead marketing is to convert “prospects” into customers. By prospect, we mean a lead who shows some interest in your brand and your products, so it’s more than just contact – what a lead is to begin with.

The different lead generation channels

The first requirement, when it comes to lead generation, is to establish contact with potential customers and encourage them to provide personal data.

Internet users interested in your brand or some of your products are therefore encouraged to provide their contact details by downloading an ebook, subscribing to a newsletter or a webinar, for example.

Once collected, this customer data can then be used to set up relevant digital marketing campaigns or be transmitted to the sales department. For the sales representatives of your company, the fact that these Internet users have expressed an interest represents a considerable advantage: they are no longer “cold contacts”, but on the contrary qualified leads, that is to say with a certain degree of curiosity for you.

We can also see the evolution of digital marketing in recent years.

Gone are the days of standard mass phone calls and emails. It is inbound marketing that has taken power, and therefore content marketing, which is certainly the best way to attract leads to your business today. The key to this marketing strategy is to let consumers come to your brand. Which does not mean that outbound marketing methods are to be thrown away. Paid media advertising, for example, is and will always be present in addition to an inbound strategy.

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