Lead scoring is an essential b2b marketing strategy. It is an automated method that optimizes your sales by determining which leads are likely to be converted into customers. Not all users of your website have the same intentions.

Thus, setting up a lead scoring strategy will allow you to more easily identify potential customers. This way you will see more clearly in your sales funnel, and you will be able to more easily identify the steps to follow to convert as many leads as possible into customers.

What is lead scoring?

Having a professional website , adapted to the expectations of B2B prospects, goes through several major steps that must be followed scrupulously in order to carry out your project as well as possible. Lead scoring is one of them. You should know that creating a site has a low cost, nevertheless existing. Some sites offer you free online quotes. We recommend that you use their services to get an idea of ​​the rates applied.

Lead scoring is an automated method, which allows you to prioritize your leads in order to identify the most important contacts (those most willing to convert to lead). In other words, lead scoring allows you to quickly and effectively qualify the leads in your Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List. The more qualified a prospect, the more effective the lead scoring strategy …

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Integrate lead scoring into your sales funnel
The objective of lead scoring is to define the place of a prospect within your sales funnel. For this, it is necessary to identify the different evaluation criteria (demographic and behavioral) of a prospect, and thus assign a score for each prospect. With this in mind, the integration of a tool to track the behavior of your customers and prospects on your website must be part of your website specifications.

Browse your website

Not all users have the same intentions when they browse your website. Some users are just getting to know your services and / or products. Other users have arrived on your site by mistake, looking for a particular information, or simply by having clicked on the wrong button! While other users have already familiarized themselves with your site, and are about to purchase your products and / or services, rather than those of your competitor. Thanks to lead scoring, you can “filter” the users of your database according to their purchasing behaviorand thus identify potential customers, and those who are not worth contacting. To go even further in the segmentation of leads, there are three main families of leads:

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) :

These are the customers who have already shown an interest in your website (having visited it several times, having filled out a form, etc.). They are said to be in a “consideration” phase. Now is the perfect time to send them a sample of one of your products so they can familiarize themselves with your products and see for themselves how your products can be beneficial.
Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) : These leads refer to customers who have already decided to buy your products. You will see that one of the goals of any marketing strategy is to convert leads into SQL, and then convert them into opportunities.
Opportunities : These are the customers who can potentially make you money.
Lead scoring can therefore allow you to determine which MQL or SQL is able to be converted into a customer, and thus optimize your sales.

Why is lead scoring essential in b2b?

Lead scoring is an essential marketing method in b2b. Indeed, qualifying a file of 5 leads does not require a lot of time, but when you want to do it for 1000 leads, it becomes a whole other process. Setting up a lead scoring strategy is then necessary if you want to optimize your sales. But this is done in several stages, which should not be neglected. Here are the steps to follow:

4 steps to set up your lead scoring strategy
Create a template for your lead scoring strategy.
The basis of a good lead scoring strategy is knowing your customers well. If you know who are the people who buy your products, you can more easily determine what interests them (by analyzing their behavior on your site…) and therefore keep them interested!

The first step, before you do your math and score your leads, is to create a template for your lead scoring strategy. This will require you to be specific and to take into account all the important factors. Then, by analyzing the behavior of your leads on your website, you can determine the important factors (those that promote conversion) and then assign them a score. Be specific in your score assignment: you will use these factors for all your future leads!

Calculate and determine the “score” of each lead

With the scores that you have previously assigned to your conversion factors, you will be able to calculate a score for each lead, and thus “prioritize” them. Calculating a lead’s score can be done in a number of ways. The easiest method to use is called Predictive Lead Scoring. It allows you to categorize your leads according to their chance of conversion.

Segment your leads to better structure your strategy
Then segmenting your leads is the next step. You can do this thanks to the scores that you have previously assigned to your leads. This way, you can identify different major lead families, and use a different method for each of them.

Automate the entire process with software (CRM, SMM, Email Marketing Tools)
Finally, if you are not very comfortable with numbers, or just don’t have the time to deal with them, you can use software that automates the whole process. For example, CRM software , or Customer Relationship Management software, is software that allows you to set up your lead scoring strategy and automate it. The cost of a CRM is variable and will depend on the mode of acquisition chosen (purchase or rental?), The number of people who use it, etc.).

Indeed, you should know that you can also use CRM software for hire! An interesting alternative, because it allows you to set up your lead scoring strategy quickly. There are also free CRMs: Leadlist or Dolibarr for example.

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