Knowing your engagement rate when you’re a social media influencer is essential. Indeed, it allows you to know what appeals to your subscribers.

If you are particularly present on the Instagram network, you will know which content arouses the most reactions. But before we go any further in this article, we will try to understand a little more what Instagram engagement rate is, then we will explain how to calculate it, but also how to improve it.

What Is Instagram Engagement Rate?

The engagement rate on the Instagram social network refers to the level of activity of your subscribers on your various posts. Simply put, Instagram stats include the Pitcairn Email List of comments, likes, and shares you have on your Instagram account posts.

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It’s still important to understand that even if you have hundreds of subscribers, it won’t directly affect your rate. Indeed, there are several parameters that come into play. There is in particular the type of content (videos, images), the quality of the content, the time of the publications as well as their frequencies.

Why do we need to know him?
As we pointed out, knowing your Instagram engagement rate allows you to understand how much your followers appreciate the content you upload.

In other words, interpreting the results correctly will give you the flexibility to choose precisely what can have an impact and create a lot more engagement with your followers through comments and likes.

What is important if you aspire to become an Instagram influencer, for example, is when you have a good engagement rate because in this case, you are more likely to be selected by big brands. Indeed, it is on the basis of the quality of the engagement rate that influencer accounts are selected in order to participate in the various commercial campaigns that are organized. But how do you know your Instagram engagement rate?

How to Calculate Your Instagram Engagement Rate?

There are several methods of calculation. One of them is to calculate the engagement rate yourself with the amount of data you have in your Instagram account settings. Here’s how to do it.

Do it yourself
Step 1 : You will need to consider a period of 30 days of activity on your account. This is the period indicated for a calculation of the engagement rate. You will therefore have to collect the data for the chosen period. These include, among other things, the number of likes and comments that your various posts have generated among your subscribers on your Instagram account.

Step 2 : the second step will therefore consist of operating a division. You will divide the number of interactions generated (the total of likes + comments) by the number of posts made. For example, if you made 45 posts over 30 days and this elicited 127 reactions altogether, then you will have to do the following calculation: 127/45 = 28222 The resulting figure is what the we name the average engagement per post. It is therefore 2,822 in this case.

Step 3 : The next step is a new division. This time you’re going to divide the average engagement per post by the number of followers you have on your Instagram account. Considering the previous example and assuming the account has 502 subscribers, this would be equivalent to performing the following calculation: 2822/502 = 0.005.

Step 4 : So we are at the last step. You will just have to multiply the result obtained by 100 in order to know the engagement rate on Instagram of your account. Continuing with the previous example, this therefore amounts to making the following calculation: 0.005 x 100 = 0.5%. 0.5% is the engagement rate on Instagram for the account considered in our example.

Automate Your Calculation

The other way you can calculate your engagement rate is to automate it. This is made possible through bots or sites that collect social media data for you and perform the necessary operations. We will come back to these different tools a little later in this article.

How to interpret your engagement rate on Instagram?
It’s good to know and calculate the engagement rate on Instagram, but how to interpret it and what meaning to give it? Understanding what this means is what will let you know what decisions to make and in which direction to steer your next actions for your followers.

Indeed, you should know that the percentage thus expressed after calculation is located most of the time between 0 and 10. It is therefore to be considered that if you are between 1 and 3%, it is because your engagement rate is Well. If it’s above, it’s even better. So, if we come back to our example the subscriber engagement rate is 0.5%, we deduce that this rate is low and that it is urgent to make changes if you want to reach the top. from the basket of influencers.

How to increase your Instagram engagement rate?
You have to know what to do once you have correctly calculated your rate. Both the Facebook engagement rate and Instagram engagement rate, it is important to take certain steps in order to increase and improve your results and your number of subscribers. We are therefore going to present some of them to you.

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