There are many communication strategies for e-marketing. From story-telling to natural referencing , via blogging, each technique brings something important to an acquisition strategy.

But what about direct marketing? This is what we will see in the next lines of this article.

What Is Direct Marketing?

When a company has a product or service to sell, it needs to communicate. In direct marketing, there is on the one hand the product that you want to sell and on the other the customer to whom it must be presented. But things are not that simple, because you have to find the customers who have the right buyer profile, in addition to Samoa Email List finding the right way to get in touch with them. Without forgetting the question of timing, of course.

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The objective of direct marketing is to increase your turnover. It will therefore be:

Expand its clientele:
Acquire new customers through targeted and studied communication. We will have to analyze the target we are aiming for in order to be certain that it meets the eligibility criteria of the service or product that we plan to offer it. The campaign will be successful if the number of new customers is proportional to the number of individual messages that have been sent.

Build Loyalty:

This is done by subscribing to your service. But well beyond all this, marketing gives the possibility of proceeding with a sequencing of its customer portfolio according to needs, quantities of purchases and other criteria, in order to better meet expectations.

Control profitability:
Direct marketing allows you to know with precision the impact that the campaign had on the target. Since it is possible to measure the return in number of new customers, but more importantly, in number of orders made.

The basic principles
Direct marketing does not work like an advertisement. It assumes that the company has a product to sell and you have to push the user to buy it, right away. But for that you have to find the right channel and the message that goes with it. We often ask companies to play on their values ​​and their strengths. But be careful, forcing the sale or outbid is not productive either.

The Content of The Message

To be relevant and interesting, the message to be sent to the target must contain certain information, regardless of how it is written. It is essential that this contains an offer to be seized as soon as possible. It is therefore possible to offer gifts or a reduction in the price in order to encourage the target to act quickly.

Most importantly, the product or service must be new. Otherwise, it will be of no interest to the target. Ultimately, the service must be presented to the prospect in the context of a specific event. This can be related to a sales period, his birthday, one of the holidays of the year like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or others. All this must be able to be repeated each year through carefully chosen tools and in a loyalty program. But first, let’s see how to select your target.

How to target?
First, you can create an internal file. This will be based on the traffic you have on your site. Make sure you collect as much information as possible about your customers. Their identity, profession, marital and social situation, commercial habits, etc. This will therefore allow you to establish a well-organized database around different customer profiles.

You will just have to select those whose profiles correspond to the product you want to sell. To make things easier for you, there are customer file managers, CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), such as Vcita or Sales Force.

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