In 2022, millions of companies have already joined the world of social media to increase their presence in their communities, around the world. Whether you are a large or a small company, taking part in the life of social networks seems quite simply essential today, especially with the health crisis which affects the majority of the countries of the world.

However, without a strategy to build and manage your social communities, you will miss out on the potential of your social media activities and actions, or even worse, damage your brand image and reputation.

This is where digital marketers and social media community management teams come in. It is essential for your business to grow and strengthen their presence and communication on social media using a community manager who has the training and skills required to carry out this strategic mission. 

Having both a community management strategy and a social media strategy in place will undoubtedly help your brand expand its reach and boost its visibility on the web.

In the world of digital commerce, especially in the B2B industry, your social media accounts are key tools in building your sales pipeline. But you can’t look at social media through this lens alone. That would mean missing out on the essential connection that creates a strong social presence and builds lasting trust between your audience and your business.

So, to build a lasting relationship with consumers, and gain credibility, reliability and improve your brand awareness – all factors of continued sales for your business – let’s take a look at community management best practices for social media in 2021.

Ask questions to start the conversation with your audience

To get the right engagement on social media , you need to make your target audience feel heard. The best way to put social media followers in your pocket is to ask questions, so that a conversation can flow organically.

The conversation can be about anything in the lives of people in your community, from how their week is going to promotions or new offers they’d like to see. The main thing is that there is a connection with your brand.

Ask relevant questions and, most importantly, respond with answers and comments as soon as possible. It is Malta WhatsApp Number List important that you follow each topic with additional real-time engagement. These questions can also be asked from polls or in the form of surveys.

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At the same time, you also want to build a relationship with your customers by observing their opinions. 

The results will benefit your brand, providing statistical insight into the lives of your audience. This data can then be used to intelligently promote future products or services.

Let’s recap all the benefits of asking questions on social media when it comes to community management strategy:

  • Open a window on the life of your audience.
  • Build and develop trust between your brand and its audience.
  • Make your community feel like you care about them.
  • Provide content to publish and share 
  • Provide statistics for your business that you can use in the future.
  • Develop the personality of your brand online, which opens the door to increased sharing of your content, and more visibility on the web

Offer value to your target audience

As a business, there are a number of ways you can “deliver value” to your customers. However, how is it possible to bring value to them through your social media content and online presence?

Think about ways that are effective and that will grab the attention of your audience. For example, you will need to create online campaigns to test ideas in order to get to know your audience better.

With the results of these tests, you can understand what looks interesting to your community, and make offers accordingly.

Here are some examples that will allow you to offer online value through your strategic community management action:

  • Give access to many exclusive events, services or products
  • Submit to polls that can provide useful information to your audience
  • Share your expertise by offering advice on your industry and its development
  • Provide regular motivational messages via digital communication removed to inspire your entire community
  • Share exclusive promotional offers, coupons or deals to your most loyal and engaged followers.
  • Interact with user-generated content by browsing posts that mention your brand.

Prioritize quality over quantity in terms of content

Social media platforms are teeming with content in 2022. If you post content too frequently, you risk generating feelings of indifference, or worse, rejection. The recent changes made by Facebook to its algorithms are pushing community managers and all those who trade on this social network to evolve, and to modify their social marketing strategies by offering quality content, published at a reasonable frequency.

Above all, your community wants exclusive, original content that adds value to their life, without being inundated with ordinary or promotional messages. 

Many community managers set the following rule: the 1 in 7 rule. It stipulates that only 1 in 7 articles must be promotional. The other 6 posts need to add something to your audience, whether it’s through a story, fact, question, comment, etc. 

Create an emotional trigger to connect with your audience

The style of community management where one is content to chain publications for promotional purposes seems to be over. People on social networks are looking for real solutions. They want information that helps them solve a problem or supplement their own knowledge and expertise.

The big brands present on social media today have fully understood the power of this emotional bond. With this in mind, they always partner with an association or charity to demonstrate their values ​​and corporate culture.

Social networks are a great way to share the associative or community work in which your business is involved. Show that you are donating a percentage of your profits to charity or participating in fundraising events.

Your audience can relate to these generous actions, and therefore strengthen their attachment to your brand.

High-level community management must be able to develop and reinforce trust in your brand through an emotional connection with your subscriber base. There is untapped value in your online “assets” that you can develop through these practices of social and charitable engagement.

Follow your statistics and analytics on social networks

Tracking your data on social media is vital for successful community management. 

Using social media-friendly measurement and analysis tools, like Hootsuite, Sprout Socila, or BuzzSumo, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Increase the engagement of your audience

Data shows you exactly what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, rather than haphazardly releasing luck, use your data to confirm that the direction you are taking is right (or wrong).

  • Develop your community

Increased engagement and the growth of your community go hand in hand: the more engaged your community is, the more it grows. This is one of the reasons why using data to increase engagement is so important.

  • be proactive and not reactive

A big part of your communuty manager’s role is to strategize and then use data to inform your decision-making. When you have data, you can set goals, create an action plan, and set KPIs. This gives you greater control over your socia media marketing strategy.

  • Evaluate return on investment

In the end, what matters most to a community manager is to demonstrate that the sums committed were worth the candle, both to maintain the adhesion and the confidence of the leaders of the company, but also to continue to develop an ambitious community management program, with the necessary financial resources.

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