Facebook is the platform with the most users in the world. Various features have been released by. Facebook, starting from facebook ads, facebook manager, facebook blueprint, facebook insight and so. On. But did you know that facebook has other services for those of you who want to earn money from. Your site? Yes, the service is called facebook audience network, to find out more, see the review. Understanding audience network audience network is a service owned by facebook that uses ppc and. Ecpm programs. This service is suitable for publishers, bloggers or site owners who want to earn money. From their platform. Applications that focus a lot on mobile users provide an opportunity for site owners or. Publishers who want to earn money by displaying ads on their blogs.

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Brand awareness interaction traffic video views app installation conversion catalog sales the following. Is an explanation of how to use the Canada WhatsApp Number List audience network read also: facebook marketing from goals to. Advantages steps to register on facebook audience network login to facebook page the first step you. Have to do in order to be able to access the audience network program you have to sign in firs. Click the. Audience network page click the start. Now button after pressing it, a pop up link for the application or. Website will appearœ buat penempatan iklan in this step you can create a display unit or use banner.

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Canada WhatsApp Number List

After that you just click save. Get code in the active placements section you can see the ad units that you. Have created. You just press the get code button after that copy the ad code then put it where you want to. Put itadd website in this step you can add websites under apps and websites on the left side of the. Dashboard view audience network provides a period of about 2 working days for its users to go through. The review stage before appearing. During this process the ad unit will not appear until your request is. Approved to display the ad unit from the audience network.

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