There are several ways to get your business talked about on the web, several possibilities to advertise around what you offer as a service or around your website. But banner ads remain one of the essential tools to gain visibility. It is impossible today to miss it … we explain why in this article.

What is an advertising banner?
It is a commercial graphic medium which is used within the framework of the promotion of a sign on the web and which is used to launch products or services. The advertisement therefore appears on a personalized and visual insert which is distributed on a web page, social networks or on Google. The banners can also be animated, to support the advertising message, everything will depend on the objectives to be achieved, but also on the means implemented.

The main objective is to encourage the Internet user to take an interest in what is presented to him in the advertisement and then to click on it. This in order to redirect it to the advertiser’s website.

Why Create Banner Ads?

As a company, it is essential to do digital advertising to mark its presence on the web. Not just around your products, but also around your brand. Online advertising is therefore an essential lever without which it becomes almost impossible to distinguish yourself from other websites that are present in your sector of activity. This is why it is Guinea Email List essential for you to make use of advertising banners. But this work should not be done just random.

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Several parameters must be taken into account for your banners: visual parameters such as: the choice of images, text, meaning of the message, animation, colors, etc. You must create advertisements in relation to the objective to be achieved and respect the company’s graphic charter. Thus, successful web banners will allow you to increase your visibility and have, among other things, a good return on investment.

The Different Formats of Banner Ads

Web banners can take many forms. But don’t choose one at random. There are standard formats to help you create quality ads. Here are just a few examples:

Classic banners : their size is 468 x 60 px. It is one of the formats in use on the web since the beginnings. Although several other formats have emerged, this one is still appreciated by retailers who do not fail to use it. These are horizontal banners.

The skyscraper banners : they are available in two formats for advertisements. There is the 60 x 600 px format and the 120 x 600 px vertical. The latter is intended to promote more impactful visuals on a web page. Indeed, it occupies much more space than the others. However, it should be understood that this type of web banner ad is not suitable for displaying text. Indeed, such a space will simply make it possible to highlight images, whether they are animated or fixed.

Mega banners : they are still called “large advertising banners” because of their size which is: 128 x 70 px. It is thanks to large format screens that these advertising banners have been able to appear and they have continued to gain in popularity.

Paved Banners

Medium rectangular in shape, they are the most used web banners when it comes to broadcasting videos. This is explained by the fact that their rectangular shape allows them to be perfectly embedded in the center of the screen or the page of the site. Their sizes are 300 x 250 px.
The square : it is the same use as those in paving stone. In addition, the square shape fits neatly in the middle of the page with a size of 250 x 250 px.

How to create an advertising banner?
A good banner posted online respects a number of rules. Note that it is the combination of three pillars in addition to the color chart of your website that will allow you to create the best banners. The format will be chosen according to the content. Will it be video, text, image or animation?

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