Do you work in the e-commerce sector and conduct web marketing campaigns, particularly through social networks to promote your products? In this case you have surely already heard of the e-commerce site. This essential site is owned by the eponymous firm created by Jeff Bezos and based in Seattle, United States. Did you know, however, that the e-commerce giant offers advertising on its network?

Like the most well-known advertising platforms like Facebook ADS and Google ADS , Amazon Advertising offers you an in-house advertising platform to capture the power and traffic of the platform. Find out everything you need to know about Amazon advertising in our article What is advertising on Amazon? All e-merchants as well as consumers who buy online are familiar with the Amazon merchant site. Member of GAFA, Amazon is the number one e-commerce platform in the world.

In this context, many Internet users conduct their research directly from the platform rather than on Google or other search engines. In terms of search engine, Amazon is the leader for the purchase of products on the web. In other words, some Internet users who search for products do so directly on the Amazon site rather than on Google, Yahoo or even Bing.

What Is It About ? (Amazon ADS)

When we talk about advertising on Amazon, we mean the use of the “Amazon Advertising” “Amazon Marketing Service” or “Amazon Ads” platform. ” In short, it is a digital advertising agency just like Facebook ADS and Google Adwords. With this marketing tool from Amazon, you can set up reliable and successful paid SEO campaigns by advertising the products you offer. With Amazon Advertising, you will have access to Amazon’s particularly rich customer database with 310 million active accounts. As an e-merchant, this solution will allow you to make your Micronesia Email List products more widely known to your potential target customers.

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By choosing the advertising solution signed by Amazon, you will also be entitled to the advertising spaces of its partners. A learning console will also be made available to you so that you can make optimal use of Amazon’s advertising network.

Why exploit advertising on Amazon?
As with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, you can derive many benefits from using Amazon Ads as part of your advertising campaign. Note that it is not for nothing that many marketers prefer this advertising solution to others as part of their e-commerce campaigns. The Amazon site is the first reference in terms of e-commerce, which makes its advertising solution a real marketing asset.

Here Are Just a Few of The Many Benefits You Can Enjoy with Amazon Advertising:

Relevant results
Since the Amazon platform is dedicated to online sales, its advertising solution will allow you to directly target customers who are in a consumer perspective. You will also have access to regular consumers who have subscribed to a specific subscription at Amazon, the famous: Amazon prime.

As the platform is dedicated to product purchasing, the intention to buy is high and the trust that Internet users place in Amazon further increases the conversion rate of prospects looking for a product X or Y.

A formidable marketing efficiency
By going through Amazon to sell your products and by using the advertising platform “Amazon Advertising”, you will give yourself an additional opportunity to convert your prospects into customers while retaining them.

Increased Visibility

If you want to gain visibility in order to promote your products, “Amazon Advertising” is an essential reference in terms of visibility. What’s more, Amazon is the number one online shopping site with high traffic. Thanks to its advertising network, your products will be better visible and will sell better.

What advertising solutions does Amazon offer?
If you leverage Amazon’s platform to sell your products, Amazon Adverting and its advertising solutions will be an additional asset to appear favorably and reach more potential customers.

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