It has been over a year or two now that account-based marketing (abbreviated as ABM) or “strategic account marketing”, in French, is really trendy in the world of digital marketing and that everyone is talking about it. And according to a study conducted by the consulting firm Sirius Decisions recently, it is a compelling fact. This study found that over 70% of B2B marketers develop specific ABM-type programs, with staff dedicated exclusively to this area. And in 2020 nearly 75% of marketers surveyed among nearly 200 large US B2B companies plan to increase their ABM marketing budgets in the future.

Additionally, it was noted that around 85% of marketers describe this type of marketing as providing higher returns than any other marketing approach.

So today, can strategic account marketing be the magic bullet for your business?

Strategic account marketing does indeed look promising, but setting up an ABM strategy is proving to be quite complex.

This is what we will be discussing throughout this article, but first, we must answer a crucial question: what is account-base Kazakhstan Phone Number List marketing?

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What is account-based marketing, or ABM?
Strategic account marketing is a marketing strategy in which high value-added business accounts are identified and marketed directly, one-to-one, as individual units. It is therefore a personalized approach. In fact, high-value target accounts or leads are identified, the key stakeholders of these companies are targeted, and then marketing strategies are implemented through various channels to perform highly personalized marketing action, once understood what they are. their specific needs.

Account-based marketing focuses on a few target accounts or high potential accounts that offer the prospect of boosting your results. What is essential, therefore, for marketers who work on this model, is to send highly targeted messages to these people, because of their earning potential and impact on sales and marketing.

Moreover, the other specificity of this type of method is that it requires collaboration between your sales team and your marketing team, which must be in perfect symbiosis.

Should you implement an ABM strategy?

Now that you know a little more about what ABM really is, you might be wondering if it’s really worth getting into this type of strategy. There is a reason, however, that could prompt you to embark on this innovative marketing technique, and that we have already touched on: it seems to be effective in generating a significant return on investment. In fact, a recent study by the Altera Group found that 97% of respondents (who have used ABM in their business for at least a year) said that this method had a higher return on investment, if not much higher than other marketing campaign models.

But, then, is account-based marketing right for you?

While this is a buzzword right now, strategic account marketing is not necessarily the best method for all businesses. In reality, ABM is generally a B2B marketing approach involving particular organizational systems at the sales level, which is rather adopted by large companies (more than 1000 employees).

This is because there are usually multiple stakeholders involved in the sale. If your employee count is less than 1000 and you are not in the B2B industry, that doesn’t necessarily exclude you, but you need to ask yourself if it makes sense for your business model and your sales cycles and of marketing. It may not be realistic to approach strategic account marketing if you are a small business with limited marketing resources, especially time.

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