You probably already know that videos have become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy in recent years. Studies show that more than 70% of consumers prefer to watch a video to learn more about a service or a product rather than reading a text.

In the years to come, marketers predict that around 80% of all online traffic will be concentrated in the video format. 

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But that’s not all: 90% of people who shop on the internet say that videos help them in their buying decision, and by 2021, it is estimated that internet users will spend a third of their time online. watch videos.

In other words, there is no longer any reason to underestimate the power of video in your digital marketing strategy. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to design a great video and get great results. It will be necessary to invest in production material and to focus on an aspect that is very little known to the general public: the storyboard. It’s a kind of draft of your video, which will represent the content of your movie frame by frame, and which aims to help you build the story, edit, plan and compose the different scenes of your video. . It is a method widely used in the world of cinema, which will give another dimension to your YouTube videos or your commercials.

Let’s see in detail what it is.

What is a video storyboard?

A video storyboard is a shot-by-shot visualization of your scenario. It is the document which draws the outlines of your video in a schematic way, and which will prevent you from filming unnecessary shots and wasting time when filming or carrying out your graphic project.

Storyboards are generally considered the “comic book” version of the story you want to tell, and should include the angle of your camera for each scene, dialogue if you have one, sometimes even lighting, and other Philippines WhatsApp Number List annotations that you deem necessary.

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Each frame included in your storyboard should show what’s going to happen and be said in each scene of your movie, which will make it much easier to pre-produce your video.

To make sure you have the perfect storyboard for your marketing video, you need to ask yourself the following question, “If someone is looking at my storyboard, can they easily understand the meaning and intent of each scene?” “

If the answer is yes, then you have a good storyboard, and you are ready to shoot.

Why do you need a storyboard for your marketing videos?

Creating a storyboard for your marketing video is a creative process that you should definitely go through before you start producing your video.

This will help you visualize how the video should play out and make sure that in the end all of the scenes will turn out as you envisioned. The storyboard will also allow you to see what you need in terms of technical and artistic equipment for each shot and scene in your video.

When creating a storyboard, you have time to plan your video from start to finish, calculate the approximate cost, develop and improve your plot and text based on your scenes, decide if you need a voiceover or dialogue, and anticipate any issues you might face while shooting the video.

Additionally, a video marketing storyboard will make it easier for you to share your vision and ideas with your team members, get to know their perspective, and avoid misunderstandings that might arise during the production phase.

In short, creating an effective marketing video storyboard ensures that the final version of your video is exactly what you envisioned.

How to storyboard for a marketing video?

If you don’t know where to start when working on your storyboard, start with a video script. This will help you get a rough outline that you can cut into scenes first and then into shots.

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