It is not easy to gain visibility on YouTube , because a huge amount of content is published daily on the social network platform specializing in the distribution of videos – it is estimated that in this year 2020 it is more than 30 000 hours of video that are added every hour! And YouTube now has more than two billion active users worldwide.

However, there is a way to make this process easier, by simply joining a YouTube network.

Through this networking system, YouTubers can focus only on keeping the pace of content production on their YouTube channel .

Meanwhile, the network handles all the unpleasant and boring parts, like bureaucratic tasks. It is usually a combination that benefits both parties.

In order to help you find out a little more about these networks, we have compiled in this article everything you need to know and understand about these YouTube networks. You will discover in particular what these Kenya Phone Number List networks offer, and how they work. And then, we will give you some examples of famous networks in the YouTube world.

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What are YouTube networks and what do they offer?
YouTube networks, also called MCN, for multi-Channel network, or multichannel networks in French, are companies that initially operate without any link with YouTube. By joining such a network, YouTubers benefit from several advantages, in addition to having the network as an intermediary on the platform.

Each network offers a distinct set of advantages. Overall, content producers can count on support and advice, channel management, YouTube copyright management, monetization (generating revenue), and other tools that can facilitate creation.

And as the American platform is not able to actively support all the channels by itself, these networks also act as a direct relationship channel with YouTubers, greatly facilitating communication with the platform and coordinating possible collaborations. between one creator and another.

But of course, these benefits are not free. In order for YouTubers to take advantage of all this structure, these networks charge a percentage of any earnings made from AdSense for each monetized video.

AdSense is a monetization program created by Google that is offered to YouTube channel owners and content publishers. This allows them to serve advertising on the platform, and therefore to benefit from advertising revenue.

Here is a list that summarizes most of the benefits of working with a network:

Management: YouTube networks can help creators develop, manage, and monetize their channel.
Facilities / Equipment: Some of the larger networks have their own production spaces that YouTubers can use to film and edit content.

Partnerships: some networks facilitate partnerships between their proteges. And for a YouTuber new to the platform, it can be hugely beneficial to collaborate with a bigger influencer who has hundreds of thousands of followers. Creating collaboration opportunities between different talents in the same network can facilitate the migration of audiences from one of their channels to another.

Access to brands: networks have relationships with various companies that seek to sponsor video content on YouTube. For creators affiliated with an MCN, this can mean more visibility and partnership opportunities with one or more brands, which might be difficult to achieve as a freelance YouTuber. Other businesses, such as influencer marketing agencies and influencer marketing platforms, can also help connect YouTubers to brands looking to sponsor content.

YouTube Support: While YouTube doesn’t officially recognize MCNs, they do offer a list of certified providers. YouTube’s pre-existing relationship with these specialty companies means they can sometimes resolve any content issues that arise more quickly. Some MCNs also offer protection against copyright litigation that may affect certain creators.

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