With more and more sites coming online every day, it’s virtually impossible to stand out and get good traffic if you don’t use the right SEO tools. However, there are many tools available on the market, so people often feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the most suitable solution for their needs.

What is SEO?
“Search Engine Optimization”, or SEO , is a technique that aims to increase the visibility of a website in the results of Serps. It is used to boost traffic, improve rankings and increase awareness of your site in search engines.

Therefore, SEO is all about ensuring that your website is structured and designed in such a way that it is understood by search engines and thus makes it easier for people to find you. The most important step in doing this is finding the right keywords. That is, words used by Internet users to find your site, and which are relevant to your business, and those with low competition and high monthly search volume.

Along with creating your content and finding the right keyword phrases, you need to optimize your code, link, and content. The best way to do this is to use professional tools in your SEO strategy. Indeed, any SEO strategy that bears fruit always requires a good analysis.

What Are the 4 Best Seo Tools?

1 – Ahrefs
Ahrefs is considered by digital marketers around the world to be one of the most successful tools thanks to its regularly updated data. This SEO tool scours the web, stores tons of data and makes it easily accessible through a super simple user interface. Ahrefs is just the second biggest site crawler after Google. Its Seo Kiribati Email Lists audit feature is considered by many to be the best Seo analysis tool.

Kiribati Email Lists
Kiribati Email Lists

The data found on the site may be used to aid in keyword research, link building, content marketing and optimization strategies for Google. In all, the tool helps accelerate the growth of organic traffic to a site. In short, it is the pinnacle of professional SEO tools to improve your positioning on Google Search.

The main features that Ahrefs offers you are:

Analysis of a domain name or the explorer site: this feature allows you to perform a complete technical audit of a site. Thus, we can do an analysis of the key expressions on which a site is positioned, the domains and Ips addresses which point to the site, the number of backlinks that it has received, the anchors used in your “link building”, the contents that bring the most visitors to the site.
Analysis and research of key phrases with the “keyword explorer”: with this feature, you can search for key phrases based on a country or region. Also, it is possible to filter the key expressions according to the targeted platforms such as Baidu, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
Monitoring and positioning analysis of your site on the Serps.

2 – Google Search console
The “  Google Search Console  ” is one of the most powerful natural referencing tools out there. In addition, the tool made available by the American firm is free. Most marketers use it to check performance metrics like clicks and impressions, website positioning against a given keyword. GSC provides you with a set of reports and tools that help you correct errors as well as develop strategies to optimize your ranking on Google.

The Features of Google Search Console:

Indexing and submitting your website to Google.
It allows you to link your website with Google Analytics, which is a tool for analyzing the behavior of your visitors. Indeed, through the Search console, you can also track the pages which “rank” on a word or key expressions, and this with very precise details such as the devices used by Internet users to visit your pages, the countries of where they log in, the queries they used to land on your site. This data is visible through Google Analytics, which is integrated into GSC.

Analyze the technical performance of your site, that is to say, its loading speed, code errors that slow down or hamper the proper execution of certain features. The number of clicks and impressions on a page, article or the website in general. Thus, you can take note of the pages which bring you the most traffic or even correct those which are not optimized. This section can also be found in the Google Analytics section.

The average conversion rate or CTR. This rate indicates, for example, the percentage of clicks to your website each time that is offered to Internet users through the search engine.
In addition to these features, the “Search Console” is undoubtedly the only way to communicate with the American firm about web pages. Indeed, we can index pages, but it is also possible to deindex some that are considered not very relevant for your SEO.
It also allows you to submit your Sitemap to Google, which is a very important element in SEO.
Check the number of links that point to your domain name.


Competitor analysis is a very useful way to outperform your competition. It is even the cornerstone of SEO. Without enough data on your market and your competitors, your SEO is doomed to failure.

SEMrush is one of the best-known SEO software, with unique features for site auditing, social media post tracking, SERP ranking monitoring, and more.

It is considered to be the main essential Seo tool because of its competitive analysis function. It provides key data about your competition, such as information on backlink building, how long new content should be based on a keyword, and the competition on that keyword.

SEMrush also helps you understand what aspects of your website should be improving if it is performing poorly. In addition, the tool allows you to unseal ineffective marketing campaigns so that you can focus on the best way to acquire new sources of traffic.

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