With all the associated risks. On the one hand, we want to offer the consumer the best possible experience. On the other hand, there is the ease with which we start with a new tool. But here too the following applies: less is more. Because the more tools you use, the more difficult it is to set everything up efficiently. In addition to the monthly subscription, it also costs you money for the (further) development of your webshop.

Due to the pandemic

In addition, these tools are also being further developed. It may just be that a certain tool did not have a number of desired functionalities when Benin Phone Number you started it. That might be the reason you wanted a tool right next to it. Perhaps that has now changed. Or are your business goals different and you find out that you don’t use certain tools at all.

This is also apparent

Don’t use a tool because you’ve been doing it for years, but check your technology stack in 2022. How do you best approach that? Very simple. 1. Audit your current technology stack Below, for example, see Cisco’s 2017 tech stack. Make a list with data such as name, the purpose of the tool, the price and the data you extract. Also check the safety immediately. tech stack from Cisco 2017 Source:

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