The expressions “web-to-store” or “drive-to-store / drive-to-shops” have been appearing in digital marketing jargon for some time now. The common point of these two types of marketing actions is to encourage Internet or mobile users to go to a physical point of sale.

How do they differ, then? Now is the time to agree on definitions.

The web-to-store, as its name suggests, is the act of consulting a website before going to a physical point of sale.

Typically, the customer looks for information on the net about a product he wants, before physically going to make his purchase. He can also very well use the Internet to geolocate the location of the store where he must go.

In terms of marketing, the Finland Phone Number List web-to-store will refer to all the techniques and tools made available to marketers and advertisers to implement this process.

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We can also sometimes see the following acronyms in English to designate the same technique: ROPO (Research Online Purchase Ofline) or ROBO (Research Online Buy Ofline)

The drive-to-store, for its part, concerns above all people moving, but the purpose remains the same: to guide these people to a store through various marketing tools, such as advertising or geolocation), and encourage them to stop by.

In both cases, it is a question of attracting customers to a store via the internet.

Even if, as you will have understood, in the case of the web-to-store we are targeting an Internet user with his PC at home, while for the drive-to-store, it is the mobile user who is above all target.

These marketing techniques were developed in response to new consumer behaviors with the development of internet usage. So let’s see what it is all about.

The web-to-store

With around 9 out of 10 consumers who consult the internet on their home computer before deciding to buy a product on the spot, it makes sense that brands and all digital marketers think of developing techniques and strategies that can embrace the specific purchasing journeys and experiences that we have frequently observed for several years.

E-commerce is certainly experiencing a boom, but it does not bury physical points of sale. Because traditional stores and brands still have many advantages, and can also take a piece of the cake by making the most of the smart and new solutions that the web channel can offer them.

For a large number of products and items, the vast majority of people will always want to see what they want first-hand, try it out, chat with sellers, etc. And moreover, we are seeing more and more pure players opening physical stores in order to meet this particular demand from their online customers.

For local businesses, the web-to-store therefore represents an opportunity to reach a wider target, thanks to the internet, and to increase its visibility on the web. And then, via this additional communication medium, the physical points of sale show their customers that they are up to date at the technological level.

How to create an effective web-to-store strategy

In this section, we will see the different ways of preparing and designing your web-to-store action plan, in order to maximize your efforts in this area.

Offer local services
You must have heard of Click and Collect recently, a service that consists of reserving a product or an item online, and then picking it up in store. The Click and Collect is a strategy called “phygitale” because it mixes genres, taking both the best of digital technology and possibilities of physical outlets. It is an ideal compromise between digital commerce and local commerce that is increasingly popular. The interest for the consumer is to be able to observe if the product they like is available in store before making a decision. And then what an idea to have it delivered when you live a few minutes from the point of sale!

To find products on the web, all you have to do is use services such as “product locator” and “store locator”, to allow Internet users to get their hands on the desired product, check the status of stocks, and find the store closest to them that offers this product for sale.

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