Or to put a sticker or poster on their window that shows that sustainability is important to them. Photo with two sustainable actions. Foot-in-the-door technique (FITD) A second way to reduce the moral. Licensing effect is to link a green action to people’s own identity . We also want to remain consistent with ourselves. You can respond to this by linking good behavior to people’s standards and values.

The ‘everyone is doing what

For example: if someone buys solar panels, emphasize that sustainability is apparently important to that person, in order to build the identity of a ‘climate-conscious person’. Finally, it can help to set sustainable actions as ‘the norm’ or ‘standard’. So: serving standard vegetarian Iceland Phone Number meals, as an employer, offer a standard public transport allowance instead of providing a company car, or sell sustainable products as standard.

We can combat climate

The idea behind this campaign is:

This prevents people from continuing to see sustainable behavior as ‘special’ (and then compensating for this again. From ‘everyone does what’, to ‘everyone does (quite) a lot’ Introducing sustainable behavior as the standard norm (to which unsustainable habits must give way) requires a different way of thinking from all of us: citizens, government and business.

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