Then enter the url of each page you would like to track in order to move users through the funnel and. Through to your goal completion. To add another step/page to your funnel, simply click the ‘+add another. Step’ button. To ensure you require users to complete each step, simply click the ‘required step’ toggle and. It will turn on. Now create & save your destination goal -to complete your set-up simply click ‘create goal. Or ‘save goal.’2. Pages/screens goals google analytics goals guide: how to set up and track your. Bottom-line kpi’s pages/screens goals measure how engaged your prospects are by tracking the number. Of pages or screens a user views per session. Set the minimum number of pages for example, 3 pages. You would like prospects to view per session. Each time a user spends more than your specified amount of time. Per session it will track as.

Save Your Page Screens Belarus Phone Number List Goal to Complete

Your set-up simply click ‘create goal’ or ‘save goal.’3. Event goals google analytics goals guide: how to. Set up and Belarus Phone Number track your bottom-line kpi’s event goals track specific interactions users make with your. Website content – for example, this could be clicking play on a video, downloading a pdf, signing up to your. Newsletter or even landing on your page from an external link. To set up an event goal you first need to set. Up the specific interaction as an event using an event tracking code. You can learn how to set up event. Tracking using this handy guide. Once you have set up your event tracking code you can follow the steps. Outlined below to set up your event goal. How to set the category -defining a category helps you to group. A series of objects that you wish to track. This is useful if you’d like to.

Group All of Your Videos Belarus Phone Number List Together for Example

Belarus Phone Number List

In this case your category field could be something like ‘videos.’ how to set the action -action means the. Interaction you want your user to take – for example, this could be ‘play’ or ‘stop’ for a video. How to set the. Label -filling out the label gives you an opportunity to fill in more information about your event. For. Example, if it’s a video you’re tracking this would be the perfect place to keep track of the video’s title. How. To set the value -google analytics goals guide: how to set up and track your bottom-line kip’s the value.

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