The list of trends is certainly not complete and the topics are in no particular order. Think of it as a ‘snapshot’ of key trends that together outline the contours of change. 1. China first 2. Restore public sector 3. Compete and Collaborate 4. Online shopping 5. Hybrid working, learning and caring 6. Think global, act local 7. The AI ​​Revolution 8. Healthy living 9. Togetherness 10. Meaning Economy 11. Energy transition 12. Winners and Losers 13. Future Scanning 14. Agile entrepreneurship 15. Connecting Leadership 1. China first Superpower China is rapidly taking over the role of world leader from the US.

Leading and managing

Targeted corona aid to countries such as Italy and Serbia bought international prestige, influence and support. Also in Europe. China was given plenty of room for this, because the US was busy with its America First strategy under former President Trump. In addition, many Namibia Phone Number companies appear to be very dependent on their Chinese trading partners and China is advancing as far as Western European ports with its ‘ Belt and Road Initiative ‘, the new Silk Road.

Vision, daring and decisiveness

Paradoxical leadership

What does China ‘s global leadership mean for Europe and the Netherlands BV? If Europe does not want to be crushed by the 2 superpowers, it must quickly cooperate better and more effectively in areas such as (labour) migration, security and climate. Boxes on the treadmill with the text made in china. 2. Restore public sector The corona crisis makes it clear how important the public sector is with ‘critical sectors’ such as healthcare, police, fire service, defense and education.

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