In recent years, companies like Facebook, Netflix, and even Amazon have integrated the fact that customers want more and more personalized shopping experiences. And the idea of ​​telling or suggesting to the customer what they need and what to buy has gained ground in digital marketing. Today’s customers are just waiting for personalized shopping suggestions to order online.

But now, consumers demand more than personalized product and service recommendations. They also want to be in touch 24/7 with vendors and suppliers to resolve everything from billing issues to technical issues.

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Thus, personalization should be seen as an A-to-Z service, which runs throughout a customer’s experience with your brand.

In the B2B sector, we see the same thing, and the behavior of buyers is hardly different, because in fact, these customers with a more commercial profile are ultimately only ordinary consumers, but in a different environment. So how can B2B Macedonia WhatsApp Number List companies take advantage of their customer’s desire for personalization to build and optimize their B2B sales pipeline?

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It is the powerful algorithms of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that can now help companies exploit the masses of data they have on potential and existing customers, and turn it into actionable information. for the development of their business. And more in depth, it is the augmented analytics and predictive analytics processes that can improve all aspects of the sales cycle, from lead generation to lead conversion through customer service.

Augmented analytics applies machine learning techniques and natural language processing processes to identify patterns that humans might be missing in your data. This means that this technology “learns” as it analyzes, making it faster and more powerful, and leaving it to humans to validate or correct their actions along the way. Predictive analytics works the same way, but focusing on machine learning techniques that predict future outcomes, based on historical data.

How to get started with AI augmented B2B marketing

Before delving into the mechanics of implementing AI and machine learning in your marketing efforts, it is imperative to set some goals. Analyzing data just because you have it on hand is not an effective approach to digital marketing.

Deepak Agarwal, vice president of Artificial Intelligence at LinkedIn, stresses the importance of selecting specific goals before using AI in any B2B marketing endeavor. According to him, machine learning can yield interesting results when you can clearly define a goal and you can design a mechanism to collect large-scale data that gives you valuable information about that goal.

So before you go any further, carefully define what you are looking to accomplish. Are you trying to create a new customer pipeline? Increase your conversion rates for sales? To improve the loyalty of existing customers? Answering these questions will guide the rest of your decisions, including the data sources you will use and the models you will apply in your data analysis.

Tracking your goals and ROI is also essential. So embrace AI and cloud-based financial software that comes with features like project tracking and custom reporting for real-time analysis of your goal achievement. Such a tool will also help you more effectively monitor your cash flow and the overall financial health of your business.

How can AI improve your B2B marketing operations?

After defining your goals, you will be able to assess where and how AI and machine learning can boost and drive your marketing efforts. Here are some examples :

– Provide effective recommendations

Personalized recommendations are arguably the most popular application of AI in B2B marketing today. Targeted and personalized marketing can drive traffic to your websites and, more importantly, drive conversions for prospects who come to your sites.

It can be informative content that will help your customer understand why your products or services can be useful to them, or it can be eye-catching advertisements that address specific needs identified by your data analyzes. Personalizing the shopping experience creates a stronger bond between your brand and your customers.

– Design a more efficient sales funnel

Creating a strong sales funnel is a fundamental step for marketers working in B2B. Part of the job is defining who your ideal customers are, who your traditional customers are, and how the two differ. With AI, you can turn your customer data into detailed buyer personas that will give you insight into how best to target potential customers and new markets. You can also use AI for predictive analysis of future market trends.

– Automate content creation and SEO

Any online business present on the web or on social networks knows the importance of natural referencing. SEO should be one of your priorities when starting a new online store or business. Why ? Ask yourself how your customers will be able to purchase items from your online store if they can’t find it in the search results. What is true is that the content creation process takes a long time and we see far too many businesses that are still at a low level in SEO.

Fortunately, AI and machine learning have helped create some very effective SEO automation and content generation solutions and tools. With features ranging from blog post creation and keyword generation to automated ad tagging, this type of tool will allow your marketing team to spend more time with customers than they do. in the management of secondary and time-consuming tasks.

– Better respond to the competition

With AI, you’ll also be able to gain a better understanding of what your competition is doing and make more informed decisions about what you should be doing to be more competitive. Above all, these instruments will give you the opportunity to make decisions at the right time, and without the risk of missing market trends, thanks to real-time data analyzes.

Whether you need to tweak a product’s features, change your pricing strategy, or know what your customers want from your brand, using AI in your data analytics can give you answers and precise directions to improve your performance.

– Keep your customers satisfied

In any type of business, satisfying existing customers is just as important as generating new customers. Being able to respond quickly to customers when they have a question or problem is crucial to building customer loyalty, and AI has its place in customer interactions.

AI is being used effectively today for communication with customers thanks to an ever-increasing number of chatbots and AI-enhanced help systems. With these systems, you can provide 24/7 access to your customers, and you can deal with most of their issues without the need for human intervention.

Of course, after-sales service is not the only problem in relation to customer loyalty. The future sales your business will make to existing customers should also be a major topic. In this case, use AI to extract relevant data and find out what your customers expect from you in the future.

The limits of artificial intelligence

Whenever you are going to implement marketing campaigns based on artificial intelligence, it is important to remember that AI has certain limits, and it is not the solution to all your problems.

One of the most common concerns about AI is the inadvertent insertion of distortions into new analytical models that your tools might generate. Your marketing team should therefore be aware that some models can be biased and structure their models accordingly. Having marketing teams that implement diverse AI strategies is a great way to minimize unintentional statistical distortions.

The privacy of user data is also an important concern. Make sure that your data collection efforts comply with your country’s data privacy laws and that you have appropriate safeguards in place regarding the security of customer data.

Also, keep in mind that AI should never be a substitute for human interaction, because this technology, despite its rapid development, has not yet reached the level of emotions or empathy that can be exhibited. human beings.


If you haven’t already, it’s high time your B2B marketing team started using tools and solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technology. With the huge amounts of data available, your business must use that data to build customer databases, drive sales and business growth, and improve customer retention. AI and machine learning are currently considered the most effective tools for transforming large and varied data into marketing campaigns capable of generating leads, sales, and boosting your bottom line.

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