You want to know more about brand identity and you want to create one. You are in the right place. In this article we tell you everything about its conditions, its marketing issues as well as the step by step procedure to build it.

The Identity of A Brand: What Is It?

Identity is all the external elements that a brand offers to its target. This notion differs from the image. If identity is how a brand wishes to be viewed, image is how the brand is perceived by the public. Placed at the center of any marketing strategy, this identity includes many elements: design, name, price, value, graphic charter, logo, slogan, etc.

Thus, to establish a brand image , it is first necessary to go through a brand identity. We understand by this that the brand identity is quite simply a mode of analysis accessible to all and at any time. It helps to understand the intention that a Niue Email List company has in mind regarding its brand. You can facilitate such an operation thanks to the Kapferer prism put in place over a decade ago.

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The identity prism Kapferer : effective analytical tool to identify a brand
The kapferer prism is quite simply a tool which aims to analyze the way in which a brand wishes to be perceived. Created in 1992 by Jean Noël Kapferer, it has 6 elements: physical, personality, relationship, culture, reflection and mentalization.

– Physical: We refer to all the physical aspects such as the packaging and the type of product.

– Personality: designates the hidden side of the brand. This is where the company’s intentions are described.

– Culture: with regard to culture, it is about brand values ​​or ethics.

– Relationship: it represents the relationship between the company and its customers.

– Reflection: it is the image of the brand in the mind of the target.

– Mentoring: the internal mirror of the consumer or the way in which the latter identifies with the brand.

It is therefore clear that the brand prism is a synthetic tool that contributes to the identification of your brand.

Understanding the Challenges of Brand Identity

When setting up a business, brand identity must go beyond all marketing and communication aspects. It must be at the center of your strategy and this over a long-term horizon. Here is why we strongly recommend that you think carefully before setting up a communication plan for your business.

Note that your brand identity will also intervene in all decision-making aspects of your business. Reason for which it is necessary to think well upstream before building it. A bad image can have serious consequences on the development of your business and therefore your turnover. So, if you want to have a flourishing activity, it is better to put all the chances in your side.

Of course, the brand identity of a company constitutes the visual elements that allow it to be defined as the logo or the graphic charter.

Nevertheless, it will also be necessary to take into account the objects of representation. This representation can encompass visual content or font size. These different characteristics are unique for each company and allow it to stand out from the competition. It is therefore through your brand identity that your audience and your potential customers will remember you.

How to Create a Brand Identity with High Added Value?

To know how to create a brand identity, it is first necessary to categorize the external elements that go into its constitution. The identity of your brand is in fact made up of words such as the objective, positioning, tone, company name, etc.

Regarding the visual, a brand identity can consist of the logo, the graphics, the topography, a color palette, the website, the decor, but also the packaging of your products. For people, it encompasses the customer or staff experience. There are also social networks namely Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you’re ready to differentiate yourself through a brand identity, here’s the step-by-step process.

1—? Ask yourself the right questions
To stand out through brand identity, every entrepreneur should answer a number of questions. How do you identify with others? Are you a modern or classic person? Responding to them will make it easier to stand out from the crowd.

In addition, you also need to answer the question: what is your value proposition. This is about what you offer your audience in return for their time, commitment, or even money.

Who are my competitors? Here is also a question you need to answer to establish a powerful brand identity.

2—? Identify your target
We mentioned above that brand identity is not defined only through marketing campaigns. It is at the heart of a company’s strategy. However, it should also be noted that it must be able to establish a real business-client relationship. This is why establishing your company’s brand identity requires careful study of your customers.

When you have identified your potential customers, find out what their specificities are as well as their purchasing behavior. It is also important to know how your services and products can be introduced into their daily lives. This will make it easier for you to identify their needs and offer lasting solutions.

3—? Set up storytelling
Storytelling is part of a purely marketing plan. It is a marketing solution that every entrepreneur must own. It is the art of telling a story around a company, a brand or a founder. There is no question here of telling a lullaby to his audience. The goal in reality is to convey a key message around a story or a video.

This marketing or communication strategy is sure to grab the attention of your prospects. It is important to integrate your values, principles and commitment into it. This is to convey certain emotions to your audience. Beware, however, of false words that can make you lose the trust that your customers place in you.

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