When you create your website, the goal is often to gain visibility on the internet and more particularly in the results of search engines like Google. For this, one of the most effective strategy is SEO, which is also called natural referencing optimization . SEO is a set of techniques that allows you to better position it on search engines like Google.

In the SEO world the other side of the coin is NSEO, better known as Negative SEO.

What is an NSEO?

Maybe you’ve heard of the googlebot algorithm before. This is a computer protocol by which these computer robots identify web pages that meet SEO standards in order to position them in the results according to their relevance. So, the more a page is well referenced, the more likely it will appear in the first results. Conversely, poorly Ukraine Email List referenced pages will be relegated to the bottom ranks.

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As for the NSEO, it is a set of techniques used by the competition in order to damage your online reputation, your e-reputation. The techniques are multiple and when they follow one another without you reacting, all the work you have done will be destroyed and your credibility with it. To drive home the point, those who were at the origin of this negative attack will denounce you so that you never get over it.

It is, so to speak, a maneuver employed by a competitor site with the aim of harming you or stealing the fruits of your online work. But don’t panic, we will first explain the different techniques used in NSEO, in a second we will tell you how to know if you are a victim. Then you will be told how to prevent this from happening to you.

What are the techniques
The least that can be said about this malicious technique is that it is akin to waging an illegal war, to doing dirty tricks. Like all wars, your enemy must spy on you to know how you think and act. Here are some techniques used in these cases:


Yes, one of the first steps is usually to hack yourself in order to gain access to your digital platform. It is equivalent to destroying you from within. This is why it is essential to invest well in the security of its site, because if you can avoid being hacked, you will have eliminated a large part of the problem.

Generate fake traffic
When you host a web interface on a web host, there is a traffic limit imposed on you. It depends on the type of site you have put online, but also on the type of package to which you have subscribed. To harm you, hackers will take care of generating traffic that will exceed the limit imposed on you. The first consequence is that your site will be slow, the second is that you will no longer have reliable statistics.

The duplicate content
If you are used to creating content online, then you know that it is always better to have original articles, but also and above all than those that do not suffer from any duplication. To harm you, the followers of these bad practices will copy and paste your content on their pages, causing a drastic drop in your ranking in search results. Indeed, it should be understood here that the robots do not distinguish the pages according to their upload dates, but according to their content.

In addition, excessive optimization will disrupt the positioning of your site. Keywords will be added to your content so that your posts are considered below standard. You will see your positioning drop without really understanding why.

SEO Blast

This is a multiplication of the different links that are present on your pages. May there be a limit not to be exceeded, the hacker will strive to put more. In addition, he will also strive to remove the best backlinks from your pages to put bad ones with keywords out of context in order to attract the attention of censorship instances on the internet. This is also somewhat the case with link farms. Malicious individuals produce enough of it so that they do not run out.

Redirection 301
In terms of NSEO, people who will have after your platform will acquire questionable links in order to redirect your site to it. If the operation is successful, you will automatically be penalized with spamcore. That is, your web address will be identified as unreliable and deindexed from search results.

It is quite simply a theft of your position in the search results on a keyword defined in order to place another site there.

The DDOS attack
This NSEO technique consists of making it difficult to access your site. It is a classic method and well used on the web. If the operation is successful, googlebots will have difficulty collecting data about your online site. Consequently, your interface will lose in ranking. Likewise, the slower the site, the more difficult it will be for Internet users to access it. So you lose all the way.

DMCA withdrawals
This is, under the terms of a US law, the possibility of requesting the removal of content from a site that has plagiarized. So, after having duplicated your content, the culprits of NSEO request that your site be deindexed. What seems more complex is that Google usually doesn’t do a pre-run check.

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